What to Look For in the Best Cordless Electric Pole Saws

Here is a step by step guide to choosing the best cordless electric pole saw. First, decide what your cutting needs are. The two most common areas are fence edging and ripping lumber. Cutting edge purposes include such things as cutting broom, trees, and firewood. Ripping lumber involves cutting floor joists, ceiling beams, and deck boards. You also need to consider if you need an electric saw for light duty use or for heavy duty work.

Decide if you will be using a cord for the entire project or just a power source. The corded models have various options. Some have a cord that goes right out to the blade while others have a cord that is attached to the handle of the saw. The best cordless electric pole saws have at least ten feet of cord. This allows the user to reach corners and behind furniture with ease.

The next thing you want to consider when looking for the best cordless electric pole saw is how far the cord can reach. The longer the cord, the further the user can reach into a work area. Most of these devices come with at least ten feet of cord but that number is dependent upon the model. If you are going to be trimming large pieces then you may want a model with a long cord. A model with shorter cords will only allow you to reach a limited distance.

The next thing you want to pay attention to is if the cord can be cut through thick plastic or metal. Models that can be used to cut branches and trim wood often come equipped with metal cutting blades. These allow the user to cut branches and trim wood without having to worry about splinters. Metal cutting blades can also be used for trimming hard wood or other types of hard materials.

Another feature that affects how well an electric pole saw is used is how the blade is attached. Most cordless models available today come with a quick disconnect system that allows the user to disconnect the blade from the electrical source without having to remove the entire unit. Some units allow the user to disconnect the blade in a manual manner while others will connect the blade with a remote control. This allows the user to quickly remove the saw from the power source and store it for future use.

Something else to look for in a saw is the ability to change the length of the cord. Some models will allow the user to change the length of the cord as well as the depth of cut. Most people like to have the option of having a finer cut than what is provided. The best electric pole saws usually allow the user to switch between different lengths and depth of cut based on the current landscape that they are working on. Some people like to make large, detailed cuts on small areas while others prefer to make smaller, more precise cuts. The difference is usually found in the cost of the unit.

Many people don’t think about one of the most important functions of electric pole saws: proper trimming. Electric saws come with different sized holes that are drilled into the wood to allow the blade to cut away at the material. Although the motor helps to propel the saw, it is the angle of the blade that makes all the difference when it comes to making sure that the saw cuts the material to the correct depth. When the depth of cut is too deep or if not deep enough, the saw can clog up and cause damage to the area being cut.

If you want to purchase a new saw, it is always a good idea to look for one that comes with a limited warranty. Most of the time, limited warranties come with a money back guarantee so that the person who purchases the saw is protected in case it doesn’t live up to its capabilities. A limited warranty will ensure that if something goes wrong with the saw, the company is going to stand behind it and provide you with a solution. If you are purchasing an electric pole saws online, it is a good idea to read all of the reviews to see what other buyers thought about the saw before making your final decision.

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