What Are the Best Saw Horses?

Are you still yet to come across one of the best saw horses in the industry? If yes, then meet DWX525, an exceptional work horse that was designed and developed by the leading brand DEWalt. Built to be the next generation saw horse and as its derivatives and other models go on to prove their mettle, DWX525 is amongst the finest in its class. In fact, this particular saw horse has set a new benchmark for other saw horses, being the second best saw horse in the world today.

DWXatching is amongst the best saw horses all over the world. Being the second best saw horses in the world today, it is no wonder why it is such a popular choice among the saw horse lovers. With its patented designs and top quality, it offers the best value for your money. All that aside, DWXatching is also among the best saw horses on the market today.

It comes with a flexible blade and can easily adjust its height to ensure that the work surface is at the right level and angle. Furthermore, its built in safety guard prevents the blade from coming off, thereby ensuring your safety at all times. For these reasons alone, it deserves the name as the best saw horses in the world today. Other than its flexibility, it is also very easy to fold and store. With its ability to fold in half, it ensures that the job gets done in no time.

Another feature that makes it stand out is its heavy weight capabilities. DWXatching is capable of lifting even heavy weight loads. What’s more, it can do so with ease. It is capable of lifting loads as heavy as seven hundred pounds, which is well above the threshold of many saw horses in the market today. The fact that it can lift heavy weight loads without difficulty makes it all the more remarkable.

DWXatching’s lightweight design makes it all the more extraordinary. Its strong foldable design makes it easier to move around. It can be stored at low temperatures and does not need much space to pack. In fact, it can be stored in your car or bag. In addition, its durable high-quality materials make it one of the best saw horses in the market today.

As mentioned earlier, DWXatching has strong legs. Its legs are made up of high-quality materials like alloy steel and polyethylene. These materials are not only extremely sturdy but they are also lighter and thinner than the traditional metal legs used by similar saw horses. This lightweight design makes it easier to raise the legs from the ground. In fact, it takes only one or two people to raise this machine up.

DWXatching’s lightweight design makes it easier to carry around. It weighs about three hundred and seventy pounds for its base model and weighs a little over one thousand pounds for the premium and custom models. At ten pounds per horsepower, this machine is fast. Its maximum operating capacity is eight hundred and fifty pounds, which makes it perfect for light duty jobs and heavy duty jobs where extra capacity is needed.

Other features include a front disc brake, dual-axis tilting work surface with movable support arms, and dual-axis arc drive. All the other features include: dual-axis drive, wet/dry support arms, adjustable lifting deck, spring loaded support platform, and four pinion drive front wheels with diamond bearings. All the other components are under a hundred pounds total weight. All the four pinion wheels have diamond bearings, and each wheel is equipped with a pair of pinions. This saw horses are capable of achieving forty-two inches of stroke length at a speed of twelve miles per hour.

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