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Write for Us

We welcome contributions or guest bloggers. By writing for GardenerCorner, you can tell your own story, help others, change lives and reach a big audience for yourself or your brand.

Interested? Great!

First, we have to explain some guidelines:

GardenerCorner focuses on homesteading guides and stories. This includes gardening, raising livestock animals (chickens, ducks, goats, etc.), beekeeping, survival, prepping, food preservation and recipes, foraging, farming, frugal living, off-grid alternatives, tools, woodworking, and self-sufficiency.

To contribute, you need to write a guide or a story related to the topics above. If you can’t find your topic, then it’s probably not for GardenerCorner.

Now, some DOs and DON’Ts.


  • Write a 1,000-word minimum original piece. Articles must not have been published anywhere else, online or offline. This includes your personal blog.
  • Write in a conversational tone, like explaining to your friends. Be informative, educational, positive, yet still easy to read.
  • Include at least one photo. Your photo should be big enough (more than 400×400 px), well lit, and not stolen from other websites. If your article is a step-by-step instruction, one picture for every step is necessary.
  • Come up with a title that grabs readers’ attention. Ask yourself: how will reading this article make someone’s life better? What problem does it solve?
  • Keep your opening short, preferably less than 100 words (no one likes long intros). Your opening should intrigue readers to continue reading your article.
  • Source all claims and statements. If you mention a study, fact, statistic, make sure to link to the original source.
  • You can place one link to your own website/profile page in the article. It’d be nice if you link to other articles on GardenerCorner too!


  • Write an article specifically to promote a business, brand, or product.
  • Submit an article written by content farms only to boost SEO.
  • Link to a product. All links must point to articles or homepages.

Please send to wfu.gardenercorner@gmail.com submit your article titles (and 1-2 sentences explanation, if needed). Ideally, you should come up with 3-5 titles, then we will choose one for you to write.