What Is the Best Handheld Edgers?

There are a number of different features to look for in one of the best handheld edger on the market. One of the most important things to look at is how easy the handle is to hold onto. Edging lawns can be a tricky process, especially if the grass is bushy. Having an edger that is difficult to hold onto can make getting to and from the driveway on a regular basis almost impossible. A quality lawn edger should be smooth to use, and able to easily turn in tight places or around obstacles.

The width of a handled edger should also be a major factor in choosing one. Longer handles provide more room for grass to grow, and can make it much easier to trim the lawns. A wide handle, which is usually between ten and fifteen inches, will allow more room to turn the trimmer or edger around without having to worry about the actual width of the trimmer or the length of the handle. These two are usually related because the width of an edger will be used to control the amount that is cut from the lawn per square yard.

The next thing to consider is the overall ergonomics of the edger. Handheld garden tools are becoming more ergonomic with each passing year. An ergonomic design will make it much easier to maintain the blades of an edger. The handle and the shaft of a tool should fit comfortably and not rub against one another. If the handle is too small, it will be nearly impossible to use, while a handle too large will result in discomfort for the user.

A cordless version of this tool should offer a lot of comfort for the user. This is because the user will be using the cordless version while working. The cordless versions should have ergonomic handles in order to accommodate the hands of users. Some models may offer ergonomic handles in both the forwards and backwards positions. This is ideal for those who often turn the trimmer round.

The last thing that should be considered is the strength of the handle itself. There are generally four different handles that can be found on an edger. The most common type will feature a double wheel design. A double wheel handle is designed in such a way that it is able to turn in both directions at the same time. Dual wheel handle will allow for a greater level of control when cutting hardwood floors or tough mulch.

If a double wheel handle is not available, then a hand crank design may be the next best thing. A manual lawn edger that has a hand crank will provide users with a greater level of control. It will be easier to get into tight spaces with a manual edger as compared to a trimmer. Some manual lawn edgers can also operate using only the power of your hand. These types of edgings are best suited for trimming bushes and small trees. A great many people who have used a hand crank edger have stated that they were able to do much more yard work using this method than with the trimmers.

Edgers can be used for almost any landscape work. Whether you need edging a walkway or edge of a sidewalk, or you are looking to edge a large garden, there is an edger that will be perfect for the job. Edging small areas is much easier with a manual edger than it is with a gas trimmer. Landscaping work can be accomplished much faster and more efficiently using a manual edger.

The best lawn edgers on the market will have a great variety of features. A good quality edger will be able to cut through many types of soil. Edging hardwood floors and mulching lawns are two very common tasks that a good edger can be used for. Edging a sidewalk can also be a very easy task when using a manual edger.

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