Choosing the Best Rotary Lawn Edger for Your Yard

What are the best rotary lawn edgers on the market today? Which one is best for cutting, trimming a lawn? These are all important questions to consider when choosing an edger.

Best Rotary Lawn Edger: Trimmer-roe00 manual Rotary Lawn Edge Trimmer: The hand held lawn edge trimmer by Truper-Olay does just what its name implies it a hand held edger that rotates in a forward motion. It is very easy to use and maneuver. Best of all the price is right at under $100. The only negative is that it can only be used in grass and turf. I would advise trying it out on lawns before purchasing.

Best Rotary Lawn Edger-Riotore LawnEdge Trimmer: This ergonomic design trimmer by Riotore looks like a cordless razor but it is not. It has a long handle that is easy to hold. The handle also locks into place to ensure safety when in use. I have never used a cordless electric edger so this model is very recommended for people who may not be as familiar with using an edger.

Best Rotary Lawn Edger-Hydroslide Lawn Edge Trimmer: The Hydroslide brand is very well known for their quality edge cutting lawn mowers. The latest models have a self rimming cutting system. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to control the cutting angle. They come in either a compact model or a full-size model that will cut all widths of lawn easily. These trimmers also come with a carrying case and hooking wire.

Best Lawn Brush cutter-Cabomb Lawn Eraser: This is a great edger for those who want to trim overgrown lawns. It has a circular disc that cuts over 50 square feet per hour. The handle is fully ergonomic and comfortable to hold. It is not as powerful as other lawn edgers but it will get the job done.

Best Rotary Lawn Edger Toro Lawn Edge Trimmer: The Toro brand is known for high quality. This rotary lawn edger has a great ergonomic handle and durable steel blades. It also comes with a cleaning tool and a tool storage case. The blades have been hardened for better cutting performance and the handle is ergonomic to prevent fatigue.

Best Rotary Lawn Edger-Growline Rotary Trimmer: This is a small, light weight model that is perfect for trimming small lawns. It comes with a two-speed power system that gives you the ability to trim grass at medium to heavy-duty levels. There is a plastic handle and larger than average width blades. This edger will give you a clean trim every time.

Manual Edgers-How to Choose the Best Manual Lawn EDgers for Your Lawn: You can find these at any garden or lawn store and most hardware stores. These are more expensive than electric or gas driven lawn edgers but they offer a more personal touch. There are many different brands of manual edgers to choose from. Some of the best manual edgers are the Toro brand, Mopar, Toro Automatic, Ryobi, and others. If you are looking for a smaller lawn edging tool that will still get the job done, consider a manual lawn edger.

Gas or Electric Lawn Edgers: The best lawn edgers are electric or gas powered because they offer other benefits. For example, an electric edger may need a battery change to run all year long. While gas edgers may need a gas line installed in your garden area.

What to Use With Your Rotary Lawn Edger? If you choose to use a gas or electric edger you have many choices. These two types of edging tools can be used for any size lawns, small to large yard areas, golf course yards, and flowerbeds. The following are other choices that may be right for you.

Butterfly Gardens or Plant Pots-If you have flowerbeds or small lawns, you will need to choose the right type of edging for them. Butterfly gardens are popular and are great for borders. You can find pre-cut garden worms that make a wonderful addition to your flowerbeds or plant pots. Worms will keep your garden clean and insect free. Choosing a rotary edger for your garden or planting beds will ensure that you do not miss those pesky insects.

Handles and Barbs is the Best Rotary Lawn Edger Options Choosing a handle that is comfortable to hold. A handle should be wide and allow you to have maximum control over the direction that the edging blade will face while in use. Handle options also vary between electric and gas edgers and between large lawns and small lawns.

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