Tips For Choosing the Best Weed and Feed Dog Food

The best weed and feed for your garden are a product that will help to eliminate weeds without harming your lawn. This means that you need a natural fertilizer that does not contain chemicals. Many fertilizers on the market today contain harsh chemicals that can harm your plants or lawn. Plus, many of these products are not organic and can harm the soil in your yard. There is also no way to be certain that the fertilizer you are using is getting into the soil where it needs to go. Organic fertilizers use ingredients such as potassium or phosphorous that work well with your plants to naturally strengthen the root system.

Before you can begin to control your weeds and get rid of them, you must have a good weed and feed formula on hand. Before you can take action against your lawn and weeds, you must first make sure that your grass and other turf on your lawn is healthy. Healthy grass and turf indicate that there is ample supply of nutrients for your lawn. Too many weeds can also mean that your grass is not receiving enough water. If your lawn becomes dry, then it will become more susceptible to disease and infestations.

The best weed and feed formulas will provide your lawn with the nutrition that it needs after it has been planted. You will need a pre-emergent weed control that will kill pre-emergents before they start to feed on your grass and seedling plants. Pre-emergents are the ones that invade your lawn first. A pre-emergent weed control will control all of the weeds that grow before your grass seeds are planted. The pre-emergent weed control will stop the weed seeds from setting in and helping to create your lawn.

The pre-emergent weed control will not work alone, though. It is important to have the other ingredients to make sure that you have all of the nutrients your lawn needs. These ingredients are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

The main ingredient in Nitrogen will help to give your weed and grass a healthy start. The healthier your lawn starts with, the more nutrients it will receive. This is why nitrogen is often used as the main ingredient for a lot of fertilizers on the market.

Potassium is another ingredient that helps to keep your turf builder weed free. Potassium does not come from the soil, like other fertilizers do. Potassium is contained in rocks and in other compounds that you would naturally find around your home. You can buy a potassium fertilizer by the bag at your local nursery or a natural feed product such as bone meal. You will find that a high quality weed and feed products will have all of these ingredients. You should also consider a commercial brand such as Scotts Organic.

It should be noted that broadleaf weeds like dandelions and crabgrass also require nitrates to grow. Scotts Organic Weed and Feed Spray is an excellent product that will get rid of these stubborn weeds in your lawn or flower beds. You will be happy to know that the spray will also repel mosquitoes and other bugs that can harm your garden.

Last but not least, phosphorus is another important nutrient that your lawn needs. When you mix phosphorus with potassium, the two ingredients will work together to form a great organic fertilizer that will help to keep your lawn clean and green. This is a great solution for keeping weed and broadleaf weeds from taking over your garden. Using a weed and feed spray with Scotts Organic Weed and Feed Spray will provide your lawn with all of the nutrients that it needs to stay beautiful and green.

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