The Best Organic Fertilizers For Your Garden Review 2017 – 2018

The Best Organic Fertilizers For Your Garden Review


There are plenty of organic fertilizers that are available in the stores or other hypermarkets. However, farmers do not know which one are the best organic fertilizers for their plants and which one is not suitable for their soils. Therefore, they may be confused at this point. If you are not sure about the organic fertilizers, you will discover some products before making a purchase.

There is a wide range of products available on the market today, and below I have reviewed 5 of the very best options.

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Why do you need to use the organic fertilizers for your gardens?

To make your plants grow and continue their lives, they need to have 16 nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and calcium. Therefore, plants have to fertilizers like their feeding source for their life spans.

You can use different types of fertilizers such as chemical fertilizers, natural fertilizers, organic fertilizers, etc. Most of the farmers around the world use the chemical fertilizers and the natural fertilizers. However, if you want to get a large benefit in the future, you would use the organic fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers are fertilizers come from animal and human excreta. They also created from animal and other vegetable matter. With these points, organic fertilizers have strong advantages than other fertilizers.

  • Get out of the toxic chemical: there are many reason why we have dangerous diseases (cancer, strokes, skin disorders, etc.) and one of the key reason is impacting of the toxic chemical to our bodies. To decrease and eliminate the toxic chemicals, consumers choose the organic food for their families. As a farmer, you also need to change the way you use the fertilizer. You should use the organic fertilizers to supply the best food source to the plants.

  • Cut down the cost of using the fertilizer: because you can find the organic fertilizers easier than finding a chemical product, you will cut down the cost to use the fertilizers and saving your budget.

  • Decrease the capital investment: when using the organic fertilizers, your soil has been improved many nutrients. It also helps your soil much sturdy in the structure.Hence, you do not need to invest the budget to buy fertilizers for your farms.

  • Protect the environment: obviously, using the organic could not cause the population of the environment. With the chemical fertilizers, it will destroy the environment through flowing the chemical into water, land or other resources.

  • Keep the soil out of the chemical and other pollution: to keep your soil strong and fertile, the organic fertilizers will do this job. Organic fertilizers supply many nutrients and minerals to the soil.

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Consider some factors before buying the best organic fertilizers

  • The type of the soil: it is extremely important to realize the kind of the soil in your farm. They might be clay, sand or loam. The loam is the best kind of soil. With the sandy soil, they do not get the nutrients easily.

    However, it can allow water flow away. Although the clay land takes the nutrients smoothly, it flows water away slowly and difficultly. If you cannot confirm the kind of the soil, you will need an expert or another experienced farmer to help you to check.

  • The requirements of having the nutrients: after confirming the type of the soil, you need to know the requirements of the nutrients in your land. You should not guess what your soil need. To understand them, you should buy a foundation soil test from the local agriculture department or the online home tests.

    It does not cost too much money, so do not save your budget to eliminate the soil tests. Having the report on your hands, you will know which nutrients your soil need and which nutrients they do not need more. Furthermore, you can choose the best organic fertilizers to fit the soil.

  • Pay attention to the number in the organic fertilizers package: to know the nutrients of the organic fertilizers, you need to observe the percentage referred in the package. They are the NPK ratio which comes from Potassium, Phosphorous, and Nitrogen. On the other hand, organic fertilizers have other nutrients like minerals and micronutrients.

  • The state of the organic fertilizers: There is two forms of the organic fertilizers – dry or liquid form. With the dry form, it takes much time to soak into the soil. They will work their best when you need to inbuilt the nutrients directly to the land.

    On the one hand, the liquid form does not take much time to soak into the land. You will need this form to make the plants grow so fast.

Product Reviews – The Best Organic Fertilizer

1. Neptune’s Harvest Organic Hydrolized Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer

With the combination of fresh fish and seaweed, the leaves in the plants will be given the natural sugar by the Neptune’s Harvest. Farmers agree that the Neptune’s Harvest is one of the best organic fertilizers, and it is also the most popular formulas of using. Having the Neptune’s Harvest, the plants suffer from every weather conditions. Your plants totally have a sustainable life.

For those who are the first one to use this product, you do not get stuff to use. You just mix this fertilizer with water as following the instruction which marked in the package. Then, you can spray or just water for plants. Also, you can choose water the plants as a drip line supplying water system.

The Neptune’s Harvest does not block the drip line irritation system because the manufactures screen it down to 150 microns. After fertilizing, you should flush fresh water for your plants.


  • This product is suitable for most of the flowers. Some vegetables also are used.
  • Farmers use it easily because of its liquid.


  • This product is not available for all of the different types of plants.
  • If farmers do not keep the product carefully, it will change the state and cause to bad smell.
  • Dogs and cats may want to try the taste of this product because it has an attractive smell with them.

2. Jobe’s 6028 Organic Vegetable Spikes

The Jobe’s 6028 has a combination formula with nitrogen, phosphate, potash, calcium, magnesium and sulfur. The plants take the nutrients easily because the Jobe’s 6028 will begin their work in the root systems. The root systems need a huge of nutrients, so the product has been soaked in the short term.

Moreover, you do not need to mix the Jobe’s 6028 with water like other organic fertilizers. You just need to put the Jobe’s 6028 into the ground that near the plant’s root system. It also is easy to open for the first time, to store and to bring. The Jobe’s 6028 totally has 50 packs. Therefore, you will save the time and budget for using. It is not surprising that the Jobe’s 6028 is also one of the best organic fertilizers.

However, there is one thing you should pay attention to: some animals want to find and dig the Jobe’s 6028 because it looks like their food or something like this. Therefore, you need to build some barriers to avoid them try to lick the Jobe’s 6028. When the plants give the nutrients enough from the Jobe’s 6028, you can remove these barriers.


  • Farmers use and store this product easily.
  • It has a complete ingredient for farmers to understand their impact.
  • It also has the OMRI list.


  • Animals could be attractive with this product after fertilizing.
  • Farmers do not save their budget when using in large gardens.

3. Humboldts Secret Golden Tree

If you are looking for an organic fertilizer for all of your plants, the Humboldts Secret Golden Tree is one of the best organic fertilizers. This model is an ideal option for supplying enzyme in the root systems and promoting the development of the plants. The Humboldts Secret Golden Tree also helps the plants photosynthesize smoothly. On the one hand, flowers and veggies are provided the nutrients completely.

With a 2 oz. Bottle (around 28 gallons) of fertilizer, you can improve the soil or boost the plants. It is also easy to use and to store. To make sure the safety, you should follow the instructions and the cautions in the package.

For those who are the first time users, you need to test a tiny amount to know how the fertilizer works. Since this product may get burn when you put all of the amounts into the plants. With the experienced farmers, they do not need to do this task as they know the amount of this fertilizer when using.


  • It has a high quality of organic fertilizer.
  • It is available fertilizer for most of the plants (vegetables, flowers, etc.)
  • It is not expensive to buy for most of the farmers.
  • It also is easy to use and to store.


  • It may not be a friendly fertilizer for farmers in the first time they try to use.
  • The box of containing the fertilizer has a low-quality material.
  • It sometimes is advertised for cannabis.

4. SEA – 90 Organic Fertilizer

The SEA – 90 Organic Fertilizer is an organic fertilizer that having many natural minerals (from the ocean) to supply to the plants. It also is an amazing product for animals. It is suitable for those who need to get more natural minerals for plants and animals at the same time.

Furthermore, you want to increase hydroponics to your plants, the SEA – 90 Organic Fertilizer also adds to the plants. Although it is a dry form, you can mix them with water without any difficulties. Farmers also use it as a sprayer to the plants.

If your land needs to expand the acidity, you will use the SEA – 90 Organic Fertilizer for plants to balance the pH. Normally, some plants, flowers, and shrubs want to have more acidity. In the case, you are not sure the levels in the plants or the soil, you should do home soil testing.

Moreover, when opening the package, you do not smell the odor like other fertilizers. With all of the benefits that the SEA – 90 Organic Fertilizer gets, it also is one of the best organic fertilizers for farmers.


  • It does not cause the bad smell.
  • Farmers can use it to add more natural minerals for animals and plants.
  • It also has the OMRI list.


  • It can increase the levels of pH in the soil. Farmers need to check their soil regularly.

5. Fox Farm FX 14049 Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula

The Fox Farm FX 14049 is one of the most popular organic fertilizers of farmers, although it gets a high price. It has a three fertilizer bottles that are vital for all of the stage in the plant life. The first one is Grow Big Hydro to make the leaves increasingly.

The second one is Tiger Bloom to help the development of blooms and flowers. The third one is Big Bloom to support the growth of the root system and keeping the cycle of nutrients in the plants.

The Fox Farm FX 14049 is also available for the late season of vegetables and flowers.The Fox Farm FX 14049 may surge the level of pH in the soil. To ensure this level, you should observe and check the pH levels all the time to protect the gardens. When your plants need more natural nutrients (like the hydroponic season), you can add this product to the root system, but you pay attention to the amount of using. You should follow the instruction on the package.

With plenty of benefits, the Fox Farm FX 14049 is one of the best organic fertilizers to the gardens.


  • It is easy for use for all of the farmers.
  • With three bottles, it is suitable for all of the stages in the plant life.
  • To get highly productive, farmers need to follow feeding instruction and the timetable.


  • It is expensive. So, if farmers do not have enough money, they would not buy it.
  • It just has one fixed size in the pack. It could cause the waste for using in the long term.

Choosing the Best Organic Fertilizers For Your Garden

Choosing right organic methods to your plants not only protects your garden but also saves the environment out of pollution. No matter what the best organic fertilizers you choose, you can keep the environment and your lives out of the toxic chemicals.

Furthermore, you are protecting the life of other generations in the future. Therefore, why do not you adjust using the organic fertilizers in this season? If you want to supply more natural nutrients for plants and animals, the SEA – 90 Organic Fertilizer would be your choice. And when you want to make the plants are sturdy in every harsh weather conditions, the Neptune’s Harvest Organic Hydrolized Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer could be a great option.

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