How to Choose the Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole and Baffler

Are you sick of constantly having squirrels on your feeders and garden trellis and wonder what the best squirrel proof bird feeder pole is? If so, there are several different options that you can choose from. One solution that you might want to consider is buying a squirrel proof bird feeder pole. Many people who are constantly trying to get rid of squirrels find this extremely helpful in keeping squirrels away from their feeders and other areas in the garden and yard. In addition, this type of prevention is also quite effective in getting rid of other pests as well.

The most common solution is one that involves a rust anchor. This is a simple device that looks like a piece of pipe with an “X” through it at the bottom and is used to hang bird feeders, other garden items and other things off of poles. What happens when the squirrels try to get onto the food is that they are cut off from the wire. The rust anchor itself does not rust or become weak and is a strong mechanism to hold things up.

For an even cheaper solution that involves an Amazon product, you can buy a squirrel baffle. The baffle can be placed on the ground or attached to poles. When squirrels attempt to reach the food, they are cut off from the wire by the baffle. Since an Amazon product can be purchased anywhere online, you can find them almost everywhere, which makes this a great option.

Squirrels can be very clever animals. They can get into houses, dig under yard obstacles and even crawl inside tree bark. It takes a very unique set of skills to be able to keep squirrels off of a platform feeder pole or any other feeder for that matter. What you can do is use some inexpensive repellents. Some people also prefer to use a combination of a squirrel repellent and a platform feeder pole lock.

You can also use an electric auger. Electric augers have been known to keep large squirrels off of feeders in the past. The only thing to keep in mind with electric augers is that they do need maintenance and should be inspected regularly to make sure they are not damaged.

You can also buy baffles that are meant to keep squirrels off of a platform feeder pole. These baffles vary in effectiveness and size. Smaller squirrels can drown under the baffle while larger birds will not drown. They also vary in how easy they are to install. Some baffles can simply be put on the pole while others will need to be installed using hooks or screws.

It is important that you choose the right size for your bird feeder pole system. Feeder systems should be three feet tall if you want to discourage smaller birds from visiting your yard. You should also take into account how high the squirrels can reach. Most systems come with a wire twenty-five feet above ground level. This will give them enough height to reach, but not too much so they can jump down to the ground to catch food. The wire should be buried at least one foot into the ground.

Squirrels tend to get smarter than we do. If you want to protect your backyard bird feeding station from these flying mammals, you will need to invest in the best squirrel feeder poles and baffles. They can help to ensure that your animal’s feed safely. I hope you find the information in this article helpful.

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