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Things regarding Lesco weed and feed fertilizer you need to know


The tendency to live close to nature is increasingly common. For individuals who are falling in love with gardening, owning a natural green backyard with a beautiful lawn is an irresistible appeal.

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By medical studies, walking on grass with the barefoot can offer a lot of surprising benefits contributing to good health. Having said that not everyone finds it easy to achieve an excellent grass for the garden. So, it is the reason why agricultural manufacturers has introduced products like Lesco weed and feed fertilizer.

Despite having a beneficial partner in hand, users still need to prepare the fundamental knowledge. And followings are some necessary information for such execution.

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Notes to take advantages of Lesco weed and feed fertilizer

Like many other plants, it is necessary for grass to get an adequate nutrient for a strong growth. Many gardeners believe the Lesco product can make it. A thorough understanding can support you in utilizing efficiently.

Basic grasp


Such fertilizer mentioned above is in the manufacturing line which provides the two-in-one functionality. It not only brings the nutrition but also enables lawn to fight a broad range of weeds.

In fact, there are a lot of compounds needed for grass to grow well. And some of them are Potassium, Nitrogen as well as Phosphorus. Fortunately, these names are available in the Lesco product. They allow the natural backyard to stay in green as well as fresh.


By force of the granular, it is possible for the fertilizer to release evenly to the grass. A slow process of dissolving will provide the entire lawn enough supply of nutrients all the time.

Despite that fact, it does not take much time to wait for drying. The lawn is ready to use right after application.

Organic support

In addition to the nutrient applied by the fertilizer, the natural feature of Lesco also activate the soil’s one. Hence, grasses will get benefits from two sides.

Numbers on the bag of Lesco fertilizer

By the information provided by the manufacturers, you can see the range of 18-0-9 in the Lesco package quickly. And it is necessary to learn about them. As mentioned above, such kind of fertilizer includes Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash. With a bag of 50 pounds, you have the Nitrogen of 9 pounds and the Potash of 4.5 pounds.

It is a wrong thinking that the more fertilizers you feed your lawn, the better it can grow. In contrast, one bag with the weight like this, it is enough for a grass backyard of approximately 12.500 square feet.

Options of suitable time for using

It is the change in the length of a day, the temperature as well as the precipitation which are the phenomena of the autumn’s arrival. At that time, the growth of the lawn slows down and do preparation for a process of dormancy in the winter.

In such cases, the presence of Lesco fertilizer delivers a cluster of nutrients helpful for the fight against weeds. However, different notes are in need for each grass type to optimize the benefits from Lesco product.

Cool-season one

As the name, these kinds of grass own the vitality which can grow strongly in the cool weather. It is just the fall’s temperature that brings all of them an active development. If gardeners feed their lawn in such period, they will have chances of seeing an incredible green backyard soon.

For more detailed, between September and October, the grass is ready to get nutrients from the fertilizer. Along with the nutrition from the last summer, the additional one stimulates a rise of shoots and roots. Ingredients inside the fertilizing compound strengthen all of them together to grow and fight the weeds so far.

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Warm-season one

The distinct characteristic of such kind is to reach the peak of growth in the warm temperature of the summer. It is the reason why their activation almost stops in the fall. Hence, the slow speed is exactly the possible condition for weeds to beat thanks to the lack of nutrition.

Agricultural experts believe that the period before the fall’s frost about 6-8 weeks is the most reasonable for fertilizing and optimizing all activation of Lesco fertilizer. But, sometimes you forget the execution. For the betterment, you ought to consider about feeding because of an injury when the winter comes.

Method for application

Some gardeners do fertilize the lawn laboriously. But they keep wondering why they cannot see the positive result. It is because the way they apply the compound. The outcome will not be in progress unless the users spend a wrong technique. Doing manual may offer an overload of fertilizer for grasses.

Hence, a spreader should be in need for such case. On the market these days, there is a broad range of such devices to support gardeners in applying fertilizers. Moreover, they are not too pricey for all of you to pick. It is just an offset. You take use of the spreader or let weeds damage your lawn.

Check the video to get more information about the use

Attention to safety

In addition to advantages, like other weed and feed product, Lesco fertilizer also shows some deficiencies.

Effects on environment

The fertilizing product is in use to apply for the lawn. However, it does not just stay in grasses. After the rain or even storm, chemicals from such origin will move to areas around such as lakes or the air. All of them are not good for the environment.

Effects on health

The weed-killers available in the weed and feed fertilizers are substances which are toxic and persistent. They are concerning the health problem like cancers.

From this point, manufacturers always suggest spenders take a reasonable amount in the optimal time to reach the best outcome and avoid negative influences afterward.


What is more awesome than all members of your family play and water the green lawn backyard. Caring a grass garden is not as hard as you imagine. However, it requires to a better attention. A product like Lesco weed and feed fertilizer is worth buying.

Read the article entirely to make a right decision for the mini grass garden by your own.

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