How To Choose The Best Axes For Sale

Finding the best axe on the market today can be a difficult task. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, with a little know how, you too can find the best axe for your needs, whether you’re looking for a general purpose, every day use axe, or something specialised for your specific job site and situation. And it doesn’t have to break the bank either. With a little know how, some patience, and the right shopping strategy, you can easily find the best axe on the market today.

First things first: What are you looking for in an axe? Most all axes are designed to do one thing: chop trees. Which makes them great for cut down larger trees, or thickets. However, some are designed specifically for cutting small branches and twigs off, and some have clever handles to allow for this. The best axe for you will depend heavily on what you’re going to be doing with it.

For the occasional campfire cookout, a lightweight Estwing Burner may be exactly what you need. These models have a fold up design that makes them incredibly easy to stow away and carry around. They’re also incredibly versatile. The Estwing line has cookware for nearly every occasion, including cookouts and camping, as well as Estwing cutting boards and other accessories.

For heavy duty power, there’s nothing better than a German Wusthof Heavy Duty Anvil. The Wusthof name is synonymous with quality, and this is a real example of just that. While these are among the most expensive of the best axes, they do come with a lot of extra features. You can expect a full-length handle, a heavy-duty swing set, and even a shock absorber for when you’re swinging hard and the axe isn’t moving.

A German style tool called the Festool Anvil is a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. It’s a little smaller in size, but it’s just as strong and has the same full-length handle as its larger cousins. It offers a huge selection of attachments, including a saw, which is great if you want to chop down some heavy-duty branches. If you’d like to chop smaller trees, there are a number of smaller accessories available on the Festool line, such as an axe hatchet and tree pruners.

For those who like to take their gardening to the next level, consider getting an optional back-up spike. These back-up spurs attach to the handle of the axe, allowing you to have more power while cutting, but still maintain your lighter weight. Good quality back-up spikes are designed to withstand repeated use and can be replaced if they become worn or damaged. An alternative to back-ups is a twin-axle axe, which allows you to use one axe while simultaneously hacking with the other. While these are generally not as strong as a full-sized ax, they do tend to make short work of light-weight trees.

Good quality German knives often use handles made from carbon steel. While these handles look and feel solid, they are also the toughest and most likely to rust over time. If you want a knife that has a durable handle, consider an axe handle made from carbon steel or another metal alloy. These handles will hold up to consistent use for many years without changing, and they don’t rust like lower quality handles.

Some models of log splitters will feature a two-pronged blade. These models are designed for splitting hard woods and should be considered when shopping for the best axes for sale. A two-prong blade will help you cut down large pieces of brush or dry leaves more easily. Also, it allows you to more effectively handle logs with a larger width, since you will be able to use both hands on the blade for greater control.

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