Choose the Best Small Cultivator For Your Garden

When it comes to small cultivators, there are many different models to consider. Some of the more popular cultivators are the hand-held, or stem-type, and the frame-less (or vertical) type. Each of these carries its own set of pluses and minuses, and you should consider the pros and cons of each before making your final selection.

If you’re looking for the best small cultivator for a single-plant garden, a hand-held cultivator may be your best option. As their name implies, these models are meant to be used by hand. While some of these models can be a little difficult to control when your hands aren’t in full working condition, this is a minor drawback, and could use some practice. Also, the handle should be sturdy enough to withstand the strain of your hand as you dig and tiller your garden.

Amazon Lily cultivators are the best small cultivator on the market if price is an object, and are available at many garden centers, nursery stores, and online. Amazon lilies are easy to grow from seed, and require little maintenance except for collecting water. They also rank highly in the categories of overall value and ease of care.

The second best small cultivator, we’re going to consider here is the Honda FG 110 mini cultivator, which retails for around $150. While some argue that these tillers are too expensive, this is an extremely affordable garden tool. For those with tight budgets, this is definitely a viable option. For starters, many have found that Honda is 110 mini cultivators are simply built better than the competition, allowing them to get more done in less time, for less money. The lightweight, durable construction is also another great advantage – you’ll have a great deal of productivity when you’re able to work with heavy-duty equipment that is compact and light, making it easier to handle.

For those on a tight budget but still want a hand cultivator, there’s a third option: the hand-held cultivators offered by companies like Waring, John Deere, and others. These gardening tools come in both compact models (which are all under 4″ long) and larger, full-sized models, which offer greater versatility. One nice thing about hand-held Waring tines is that they have a handle so that you can handle them easily. This is a big plus, especially if you’re working in a field with lots of rocks and obstacles in your way.

A Waring cultivator is often among the most affordable garden tools, as their prices remain relatively constant regardless of how much product they carry. They’re built very well, and should last for many years. A notable downside is that they’re only recommended for low-light and sandy soils, since the steel blades cut spoilage off the soil, reducing its oxygen supply. For these types of gardens, consider investing in a cordless cultivator. This option allows you to handle your garden freely without fear of cutting off your finger or tripping over a metal blade. Cordless cultivators can even be used for tilling, since the cord is not an obstacle.

A high-quality gas-powered cultivator, like that found on Waring, John Deere, and other leading brands, offers many safety features and accessories. First, you can adjust the height of the arm, which prevents you from hitting or injuring yourself when you’re tilling. The heavy-duty castings to protect you from cuts, burns, and cracks, and come with an adjustable soil flapper that lets you choose the right soil type for your plants’ needs. And because the blades are encased in safety glass, you don’t need a lawn tractor driver to pull up your newly planted field.

A small hand cultivator, like those offered by Waring, John Deere, and other leading garden companies, is most useful for light-duty planting tasks, such as producing a few transplants per year. If you plan to have your own small garden on a modest budget, a hand cultivator might be just what you need. These hand tied varieties offer precision engineering and comfort, at prices most gardeners can afford. If you want to learn more about choosing a hand cultivator that’s right for you, contact a local garden retailer.

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