Choosing The Best Battery Powered String Trimmer

Is a Battery Powered String Trimmers Worth It? Many battery powered trimmers are not worth the price. A battery powered string trimmer definitely has many benefits over electric and gas models. Here is a look at what you should look for to determine which model is right for you.

Does it have attachments? – This is important because you might want to use your best battery powered string trimmer for multiple purposes. You might want to use it on the lawn or on your decks to trim the grass and weeds. However, if you do not use it for these two activities then you might want to look into a trimmer that only has a few attachments. The more attachments your string trimmer has, the more usage you get out of it.

Does it have a battery powered blade system? – The best battery powered string trimmers have a blade system that is used to cut the grass or weeds. If your battery dies or you forget to change it, you will have no power to your grass trimmers. You might want to look into a trimmer with a removable battery and cord, so it can be taken apart and stored for emergencies.

Is it rechargeable? – Battery powered string trimmers can be a little bit tricky to use. You have to put your string in reverse and then pull the string backwards to move it through the grass or weeds. Some battery powered trimmers have batteries that have a life span of around 200 full pulls before they need to be rechargeable, while other battery powered trimmers are rechargeable after a single use.

Is it an electric model or a gas trimmer? – There are many different types of string trimmers on the market today, which means you should consider your own personal needs. Which would be more convenient and energy efficient? Which type of model would you like the most? Both electric string trimmers and gas trimmers came in all different shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Which one you decide on should depend entirely upon your own personal needs.

How heavy is the trimmer? – It is important to know how heavy a model you need to purchase. How heavy it is, does not necessarily mean how much you can get done with it. Trimmers are generally categorized by the weight of the trimmer head. Most cordless battery powered trimmers are under 6 ounces, while some gas trimmers are up to ten ounces.

Will you be using the trimmers outside or indoors? – Battery powered outdoor trimmers, such as the 20v battery powered versions are lightweight for indoor use because they have a lightweight cutting devise that is able to cut through grass and weeds. However, they are not really suitable for trimming bushes indoors because they are not strong enough to cut through thick stems.

Which trimmer is best suited for professional landscapers and lawn caretakers? – Gas trimmers are very popular with professional landscapers because these models have a powerful motor that is easy to maintain. Some models have replaceable batteries so that owners do not have to buy a new unit if the existing battery dies out. However, gas trimmers are also very loud and may not be appropriate for sensitive hearing. Cordless gas trimmers tend to be quieter and more suitable for people who do not have a lot of yard work to do.

Is there a better alternative to cordless battery powered trimmers? – The cordless type may be the best choice if the user is looking for lightweight as well as powerful tools. Cordless trimmers are typically more expensive than gas models but are usually made from much higher quality parts that last longer. However, some cordless trimmers cannot perform as well as gas models because of the weak batteries.

The best trimmers are those that can trim around the lawn as well as trimming the grass. The best weed eaters are those that have a cutting devise that can perform both tasks. Cutting the grass is very important while trimming the edging around the perimeter of the lawn. The edging allows the grass to grow healthier and thicker for a longer time period. This means that the lawn will stay well kept and look its best for longer.

The top tip while using a string trimmer to maintain the perfect cutting width all throughout is to use a good cutting width control. Most of the ryobi cutting devices on the market come with a variable speed trigger. This trigger can be set to allow for the users to perform their cutting tasks in a wide range of speeds. The benefit of having a variable speed trigger is that it allows the user to perform a trimming task in a slow and steady motion that minimizes the chance of the cut getting off track.

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