Smart Start Technology Highlights Many Gas String Trimmers

Gas string trimmers are perhaps the most versatile gas powered tools out there. No matter what you prefer to call them, weed eaters, lawn trimmers, Grass trimmers or anything else you name them, they all do the same job: cut unwanted grass and weeds. Gas-powered versions, while noisy and definitely bad for your lungs, are actually the only practical choice when you want a high degree of power combined with great mobility. Let’s take a look at all four major types of gas trimmer on the market today, and find the one that’s right for you.

There are three main styles of gas-powered string trimmer in use today. The first type is the line trimmer. Longer than the grass trimmer, this trimmer has a heavier duty motor and can handle much more pressure. Because of this it can also handle much more grass cut per hour than other models.

The second type is the straight shaft cutting machine. The main benefit of these machines is that you can reach areas that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Their cutting width is generally between twelve and twenty inches, and their models come in a variety of sizes. They are typically designed for tough jobs like clearing large, stubborn underbrush, tree trimming and ground clearing.

The third type is the air purge gas weed wacker. An air purge version offers the best gas string trimmer for tough jobs like cutting firewood and felling tall shrubbery. Its cutting width is between twelve and twenty-two inches. This model is best used in felling dense underbrush and cleaning up thickets. Unlike the straight shaft machine, its cutting widths are wider, so it can cover more area with less effort. This product also features a self-retracting cutting mechanism.

The fourth choice is the bump head gas trimmer. Compared to the air purge model, the bump head has a sturdier design, which means that the blades can handle a bigger cutting area. Also, it has thicker strings and a stronger motor; these allow it to handle more vigorous jobs.

Finally, the best gas string trimmers feature a powerful engine. The engine size will determine both the overall performance and the blade type and size. The largest engines can run for long periods without slowing down. Smaller engines may not have the same effect, but may be suitable for trimming brush for smaller areas.

The next consideration is engine power. Each model may have different engine capacity, but some common attachments can work with all models. A four-stroke engine can perform as well as a two-stroke. If you are unsure, consult the owner’s manual or ask a salesperson, since they will know.

Finally, consider the types of attachments available. There are a variety of attachments available on bump head trimmers. Attachments include leaf blowers and weed eaters. You can also use an edger, which allows you to trim more than one yard at a time.

Gas string trimmers are a good choice for trimming large areas. The best models can trim up to six yards at a time, making it easier than ever to get that extra yard done in a hurry. However, if you do need a large area, consider purchasing a weed whacker. Weed wackers are also available on bump head models. Weed eaters are designed to handle thicker vegetation. Edgers are only useful for lawns with very light shade.

The best gas string trimmers are versatile and can perform a variety of tasks. However, many are primarily used for cutting grass. A lawn trimmer can easily be used to cut tall grass or brush where a simple electric lawn mower can not get to. They can also be used in conjunction with a push mower or an electric blade. Cutting larger and heavier weeds is accomplished most efficiently with a gas model. This makes them the most popular choice for trimming gardens and landscaping.

One of the best features of a gas string trimmer is its power. A large engine and heavy duty battery power to provide more power than smaller models. This means that cutting thicker foliage or even bushes requires a larger cutting deck or blade. The biggest advantage of using a gas model is the portability of the unit. Most lawn and garden owners prefer to use their equipment on a flat, hard surface so it is important to consider this when purchasing.

The main feature that buyers like most about these tools is the ability to quickly and efficiently trim a large lawn. The smart start technology is another great benefit of these trimmers. A small button on the control panel will start the blade high and low before cutting. This helps reduce back strain, which is another important consideration for busy homeowners.

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