Choosing the Best Air Fresheners for Your Home

Finding the best air fresheners is easier than ever before. The internet makes it easy to research all the latest brands. Many of the top names include Oreo and Dove, but there are many other brands available. Some companies use natural fragrances, others use chemicals, but everyone seems to be using a home air freshening solution.

Good for: People who prefer a non-chlorinated spray bottle with fewer artificial ingredients. Can air freshensers be dangerous? Yes, small amounts of some air freshener indoors can often be harmless. But did you know that the average indoor air quality in homes can be several times worse than the outside air? Think about it, how much longer do you stay out doors if the area around your home smells like cigarettes or pet dander?

Essential oils are powerful compounds that naturally counteract many common household scents. There are dozens of essential oil scents including mint, grapefruit, eucalyptus, jasmine, orange, pine, peanut, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, and thyme. Many manufacturers use essential oils in their air freshening products and claim that their product is pure because the essential oils do not change from their original source.

Not good for: People with allergies or sensitivities to scents. If you suffer from pollen or dust allergies, an air freshener that contains a strong fragrance may aggravate your allergies. Air fresheners with fragrance may also generate a very strong fragrance. Try to find a brand that is fragrance free. In addition, if you use a low setting air fresheners will not last as long.

Avoid: Any air freshener that uses petroleum-based ingredients such as mineral oil, petrolatum, or paraffin wax. Although these substances can help to absorb the smell of the essential oil they will leave behind a scent. They are more effective when used in top quality scented candles, soaps, lotions, or sprays. Unfortunately they do not penetrate into the skin and are a poor alternative for perfumes, body wash, or toilet paper. Perfumed products that contain these ingredients should be used sparingly and only in places that you will not be bothered by the strong scent. Refills are inexpensive and easy to obtain.

Avoid: Baking soda. Although this product may seem harmless, it can actually aggravate many common problems such as nose, throat, and bronchitis. Baking soda absorbs the essential oils and will leave a strong baking soda smell. Air freshener manufactures should advise that the scent produced does not reach the intended target and is only absorbed through the nose.

Avoid: Any air freshener that contains vanilla extracts or fragrances. The majority of people have a preference for one or the other, however, these scents can also trigger asthma attacks and can make people with heart disease more prone to experiencing shortness of breath. The vanilla and lavender extracts are actually the most potent natural remedies for halitosis and should be avoided if possible. Both of these fragrances are also reported to cause nasal and sinus congestion. There is no need to purchase expensive air freshening products if you are suffering from any of these problems. Use an unscented spray at room temperature instead, and see if this makes a difference.

When searching for the best air fresheners, look for eco-friendly brands. They are manufactured in countries that do not use toxic chemicals, and they will not trigger any adverse reactions in the users. If you choose a good brand with an eco-friendly sticker, make sure it has a LCD display to show the ingredients list so you can avoid those ingredients you know are toxic.

An air freshener with a citrus twist can be used as a fresh wave option, but bear in mind that citrus scents can trigger asthma attacks and some heart conditions. Lemon, lime, grapefruit and even grapefruit seed extract can be added into the best air fresheners to improve their fresh wave features. These citrus scents are naturally milder than others, and they last longer.

Most of the best air fresheners have a wide range of different types of scent options available. There are floral options available, as well as scents that remind one of a sandalwood-bronzed ocean or a beach on a windy day. There are even different types of fragrance available depending on what season it is and how you want to smell when coming home. Summer air fresheners smell fresh, while winter air fresheners smell like berries or honey – perfect for when you’re looking for a real cooling scent.

These different types of scents and smells are all important for making your home smell good. With all of the different options, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the air fresheners that work best for you. Even if you’re buying them for work, you want to make sure that they match the interior decor of the building, so be careful when selecting the right kind for a work environment. The best thing to do is to ask an employee at the store for help. They will be able to tell you whether or not a certain brand of air freshener is good for a specific room.

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