What is the Best Air Freshener?

What is the best air freshener? Is it some spray that smells like a lit match or a perfume-scented spray that gives off a delightful odor? Or is it an air purifier with a basket full of aromatic sprays that you stick on window ledges and other places that tend to house smokers and where you want the smokers to go to release their bad breath? Are you looking for something that will help to mask the smell of cigarettes and keep you smelling fresh all day? Whatever your problem, there is the best air freshener out there for you.

What is the best air freshener for your particular needs? If you have a freshly clean house but want to mask the smell of cigarette smoke then one of the sprays available will work for you. The best air freshener for you will contain several different chemicals, including citronella, to give you the fresh smell that you desire. Best for…: this is the air freshener to reach for when you are being Seriously bothered by nasty smelling odors. It may smell a little funny at first but, you will find that it works very well to mask the bad odors from your house.

One of the best air freshener sprays to get rid of stale cigarette smells is called Citronella. This is one of the more effective ways to get rid of stale cigarette smells. However, there are a few downsides. When using this kind of air freshener, it takes a while for it to work properly and you will need to keep spraying it to get rid of the smell.

Lemon grass is another favorite for people who are trying to mask unpleasant smells. Lemon grass is usually mixed with water and is used as an air freshening agent. It is not a strong smelling air freshener, so it can be applied to almost any area in your home, such as kitchen walls or countertops, to freshen up the smell. Best for…: if you want to freshen up the smell of your laundry room without overpowering it with the smell of lemon grass.

Lysol is also one of the more popular air freshening agents. Unfortunately, this agent is not good for people with allergies. This air freshening agent, used in households, is used to combat odors brought about by foods like garlic and onions. People with asthma or bronchitis should not use Lysol. Best for…: if you have an allergy to Lysol and you are looking for a disinfectant spray to put on your carpet to freshen it up.

A plug-in diffuser air freshener that uses either natural essential oils synthetic fragrances, or both can help mask unpleasant smells that do not go away, but do not overpower the smell. These plug-ins last several hours before they need to be replaced, which means they will last several days before needing to be replaced. Best for…: if you have a need for a long-term odor mask that lasting multiple days. A good plug-in diffuser lasts approximately three months before needing to be replaced.

Some people are allergic to synthetic ingredients in commercial air fresheners. Some commercial sprays actually contain ingredients that mimic the human pheromone pheromones that are naturally produced in humans. The theory behind using these types of sprays is that the molecules of these scents attract more airborne particles to them, thus driving the bad smells away sooner. Best for…: if you think you will only be using commercial products. These sprays typically last between two and three months before they need to be replaced.

These are the best ways to determine what the best air freshener for your home is for odor-eliminating and protection purposes. They all use aerosol sprays that release negative ions into the air, which are thought to neutralize odors. Some people have odors that are so powerful that a room deodorizer will not be sufficient. That is why it is important to read the label carefully and consider how the spray is used. A good air freshening solution should leave a fresh scent that is not too strong to be odor-effective and should also not be too weak to actually kill germs or offending odors.

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