6 Trending Plants of 2021

The ongoing health crisis has forced many individuals to stay cooped up in their homes. As a result, a good number of them were able to pick up a hobby or two, and among those that were extremely popular is indoor gardening. During the first few months of the quarantine period, the demand for plants soared dramatically, which brought about the phenomenon more widely known as the “plantdemic.”

In 2021, the demand will only continue to rise, with homeowners itching to get the next popular plant that they can post on their social media pages. If you are among those who want to join the trend, here are some trending plants that you should have for yourself this year:

1.  Velvet Calathea

When it comes to gorgeous foliage, the family of Calathea remains one of the most in-demand plants. The leaves of each Calathea variety will make a grand statement in your home. This plant, which originated from the rainforests of South and Central America, is known for closing up at night as if to say a prayer, hence its nickname, the prayer plant. Of all Calathea plants, this variety is one that would catch anyone’s attention for its velvety leaves and purple underside.

2.  String of Hearts

The string of hearts plant features beautiful heart-shaped patterned leaves that are best displayed in a hanging planter where they can trail. Many plant enthusiasts predict that the string of hearts’ price will increase by as much as 1,057%. They are best grown with indirect sunlight with regular watering when the top two-inch of the soil is dry.

3.  Philodendron Florida Bronze

Philodendrons are epiphytic plants that take part in the nutrient cycles and biomass of the ecosystem in which they exist, making them one of the easiest plants to grow. This particular variety is a crossbreed between the Philodendron florida and the Philodendron black cardinal. It has retained the leaf shape of florida while showing the beautiful hue of the black cardinal.

4.  China Doll Plant

A China doll plant is a low-maintenance plant that would instantly bring life to your home this year. This compact plant is known for its green leaves. However, if you want to see them bloom, they should be transferred to an outdoor location, preferably the patio or balcony, where they can get adequate sunlight. Fertilize them well so they can grow lushly.

5.  Alocasia Micholitziana

For homeowners who want to relive the urban jungle feel in their homes, the best plant to acquire is the Alocasia micholitziana or commonly known as Elephant Ear. They are perfect for bringing that “Amazon” feel at home without going over the top. The key to taking care of Alocasia varieties would be to treat them as they are in the wild, which means you never have to keep watering them. You also have to make sure to provide it the proper humidity it needst o sustain itself.

6.  Ficus Altissima

The days of the fiddle leaf fig era have ended. However, this does not mean that those who want to have an indoor tree would have to abandon their aesthetics. Instead, they can acquire the leafy indoor tree of the ficus altissima. The great thing about this ficus tree is it is way easier to care for than the finicky fiddle leaf fig tree. You just have to find a spot where it can get bright, indirect lighting.

These plants are set to change the tone of the supply and demand this 2021. If you want to get them while they are still reasonably priced, you have to buy them now from reputable sellers.

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