Why Are Staghorn Ferns So Expensive?

Staghorn Ferns are a beautiful fern with a long life. They are found only in the lakes district of Pakistan and India. They grow very slowly and need to be replanted every ten years or so. Because of this they are quite expensive to buy. They can sometimes run into the hundreds of pounds, but they are well worth it.

The reason why staghorn ferns are so expensive is because it takes so long to grow. It takes three years for a frond to reach the size of a tennis ball. This is because the fronds have not grown much yet, when they are bought, they are still small enough to be planted in a pot, mixed with sand and topped up with vermiculite. This way the fronds have room to grow and will keep growing for many years.

The staghorn fern needs a lot of water. You must keep the pot filled with water all the time. There is no living tree that can live without water. They have to be watered often, and must have regular meals provided to them. If you buy a well drained and well misted frond, it will last much longer than one with not as good soil and no water.

Why are staghorn ferns so expensive? Because they require so much care, not only do they need constant watering, but they also need to have regular meals. You can’t just give them any old thing to eat, they need fresh fruit, vegetables, bananas, and other fruits and vegetables. Their insides have a very efficient absorbing capacity, and they can take in quite a bit. Giving them a bowl of fruit a day, along with a nice bed of leafy vegetables will help them stay healthy.

If you want to grow your own staghorn fern, then there are a few different things that you will need. First off you will need a good quality potting soil, not your standard garden soil. The reason for this is that the leaves and petals of these plants get really tiny when they are growing, and need something solid to grab onto. Something like perlite would work well. Another thing that you will need to buy is a rhizome from a rhubarb.

A staghorn fern has three to four leaves. All of the leaves are called rhizomes. They are the little stalkers or bracts that grow from the main leaf of the plant. They are what you need to plant the staghorn fern in your garden. The other plant that you need is called the ascendant. This is a false fan plant, which is just a large rhizome of the staghorn fern that is cut down.

In order to grow your own garden you will also need a trellis system. This is a frame with wires on it to which you hang your vines. The staghorn fern has very strong wood, and a trellis works best with it. Most people choose one with a three foot drop because this is where the main stem goes when it grows up to the fourth or fifth stage. You don’t want to be pulling these off of the leaves all the time, since they are so small.

As you can see, staghorn ferns are no ordinary garden plants. But they are rather rare. You can grow them yourself from seed or buy them in kits. If you have a sunny location, you can actually grow them year around if you cover the ground with a blanket or something similar. The reason why they are so expensive is because they require a lot of care, and you can spend many hours trying to train them.

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