Why Are My Lilies Not Blooming?

Ask most gardeners and they will all have one of two answers for you when you ask about the question, “Why are Lilies not blooming?” Most will give you an answer that is both obvious and boring. They will tell you that it is a genetic defect of the lily plant. They will tell you that there is nothing they can do to make them bloom. These answers are only so easy to believe in. The true question you are asking yourself is, “Why aren’t my lily plants blooming?”

You see, lilies are beautiful and elegant looking flowers. They bring a bright and cheery nature to any yard. There are many different types of lilies and each has their own distinct beauty. For example, the Dog’s Tooth or Papaver paeoniflorum, has tiny pointed leaves and a long stem, perfect for a large sunny spot. These lilies will grow well indoors and can be used in your flower bed throughout the colder months as they will not wilt once they have had a chance to flower.

Another popular lily is the Calla lily. It is a member of the Citrus family. These lilies are also known as the Royal or Peony lily and have a distinctive smell. This lily is said to ward off evil spirits. Many believe that this scent is what helps to ward off evil, as it is believed to keep bad spirits from coming near the plant.

These are just some of the common lilies and not a complete list. The truth is, almost any flower can be used as a garden plant or decoration. It just takes a little ingenuity and imagination to be able to use the beautiful scents of these lovely plants.

Lilies are not just for inside of a home garden. They make great decorations outside. A large variety is available for purchase or if you do not want to spend the money on them, there are plenty of lilies available for rental at gardening stores. If you like the idea of having a plant to bring into your home, but would rather have a plant you can use all year around then you might try growing seeds of the lilies. This allows you to have a plant you can take home anytime you wish for a quick flowering.

While you are waiting for the lilies to flower let your imagination run wild. There are endless things that can be grown using garden lilies. You can make an arrangement of flowers that will give a homely touch to a patio garden, a window box, or even a fence. Your imagination is the limit with the many things you can do with them.

Most people get to love lilies because of their exotic look. There are many different kinds of lilies to choose from and most are fairly expensive. However, you are sure to find one that suits your taste and budget. You may wish to consider planting two types of lilies in pots so they will grow at the same time. This will also give you the opportunity to have one growing near your flower bed while you tend to the other.

Some lilies require a lot of maintenance and this will mean you will have to spend extra time keeping them looking great. Make sure you water them daily and take good care of the roots by checking for insects. If you notice any damaged areas, correct that problem before the blooming season is over. With a little bit of attention you should be able to maintain an indoor lily garden all year long.

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