When to Divide Calla Lilies

Knowing when to divide calla lilies in half can be the determining factor in whether a bouquet is more or less impressive than the entire plant. Many gardeners find that it is difficult to divide calla lilies because of the size of the flowers. Some people will simply prune their calla lily plants to reduce the blossoms, but this is not always the best way to divide the plants. If the flowers are too large, the flowers will overpower the plant and it will be nearly impossible to maintain its beauty. When the flowers are small, however, it is easier for the gardener to keep track of them. When to divide calla lilies is a matter of practicality and caring for the plant rather than aesthetic satisfaction.

To divide calla lilies with a sharp knife, divide the plant between five different halves. Place the smallest rhizome clusters on the outside of the pot. These should face up so that the light can reach the flower. The six remaining flowers can then be packed into the pot, making sure they are firmly packed so no air can escape.

When to divide calla lilies in the fall is less predictable than when to do it in the summer. This is due to the changes that take place during the autumn season. Calla lilies usually bloom during early October, which is a time of growth for these plants. Therefore, in order to maximize the appearance of the rhizomes, it is best to divide the plants when the leaves of the summer bulbs begin to turn colors.

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In terms of the small pink flowers, there is not specific time when you should divide calla lilies. However, it is advisable that you divide these plants about two weeks before their final flowering appearance. To divide these plants, you can utilize any software package for creating clipart. The two most popular programs include Paintbrush 2d and Photoshop.

If you need to create a collage for your computer screen, the best solution when to divide calla lilies is to utilize a program with full-fledged graphic capabilities. For instance, if you want to make a collage using calla lilies, choose Gimp. Install the plugin called Texticide. It is important to select the option that is appropriate for the software that you have installed on your computer. For instance, if you are using Mac OS X, you will need to install the GIMP plugin.

As soon as spring starts, you have to prepare the ground where the callas will be growing. Divide the flowers into six parts and place them on the grass or dirt prepared by mixing dry cement and water. You should also remember to dig some holes in the earth where you plan to put the rhizomes. Cut the lilies once they reach the base of the grass. The rhizomes should be about a meter high to allow them to grow properly. The cut grass and dirt should be mixed with some soil to make it easier for the plants to develop roots and grow.

After preparing the soil and cutting the calla lily plants, you have to wait for the flowers to grow. It takes about two weeks to flower, thus you have to be patient. The next step is to pinch off the petals from each plant and slowly separate the plants from one another. When the calla lily flowers begin to open, separate them again.

Each plant should be watered before it is put into a separate container. Make sure that the calla lily roots are well connected to the supporting base before putting them into their final containers. It is best that you provide some extra support when the callas grow up. As the calla lily flowers mature, you can remove them from their pots and repot them into a larger container. Or if you have some plant lilies left over, you can place these in the bottom of your container.

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