What Is The Best Zero Turn Lawn Mower?

Zero turn lawn mowers let you get right back to taking care of the most important chores of the day and make quick work out of your yard. Whether you need a lawn mowing service for spring, summer or fall, a zero turn lawn mower is ideal for getting the job done efficiently. Over time, some models have proven to be a little bit less reliable than others, which is why some people end up replacing their lawn mower more often than they initially purchase it. Whether you want to find out more about zero turn lawn mowers and whether or not they’re right for you, continue reading!

The most important thing to consider when choosing zero turn mowers is how well suited they are to your particular yard. What kind of terrain does your yard typically have? If you live in relatively hilly terrain, then a heavier mower will probably be better for your purposes. If you live on relatively flat, level land, a lightweight mower will be your best bet. If you only have small areas where you might cut your grass, you can probably get away with a mid-weight mower such as a Pocket Mountain or some other brand name.

The type of terrain your yard is naturally suited to will also determine the kind of cutting deck you need. Some models are designed for use on turf, while others are designed to cut right down to the heart of any hard dirt. If you have a very open lawn space, then you’ll probably want to purchase a mower with a larger cutting deck. If you only have small areas of open land, then a smaller deck is more suitable. This information will help you narrow down your choices when it comes to choosing the best zero turn lawn mowers.

You may also need to think about the turning radius. Most manufacturers allow you to choose from four different turning circles, but most people don’t need more than two. If you find that you’re cutting circles that aren’t even within the defined turning circle when you work in tight spaces, then you will definitely benefit from a larger turning radius. These larger turning radii are generally more expensive, though. The best zero turn mowers still tend to be within a fairly small range of each other in this regard.

Your height, weight, and standing reach will also influence the decision about what kind of a mower to purchase. If you’re used to sitting in a chair, then a folding seat mower will probably suit your needs better than a riding mower would. If you’re used to standing on your front porch, then a larger cutting deck is probably going to be more suitable. A zero turn mower can also fit easily into a small gap underneath a deck, allowing you to trim grass around corners and other obstacles without losing mobility.

You should also think about the cost of maintenance. Some people love their zero turn mowers so much that they simply refuse to use anything else. Others like to spend several hours a day using their equipment, but want something more simple for the back yard. If you have a large lawn area, you may find it necessary to have professional landscaping done to make your property usable. You can choose from several different zero turn lawn mowers that feature brushless motors for easy maintenance.

One of the biggest benefits of zero turn mowers for homeowners is the sheer ease of handling them on hilly terrain. Some models are equipped with electric assist, allowing you to drive over rough or hilly terrain without lifting your feet off the pedals. You simply pedal with electricity until you reach the desired height, and release the control. This helps you mow the lawn more efficiently, whether you have small open areas or steep inclines.

Mowers vary in size, and you should think about the type of riding you will do before purchasing. If you plan on going into the hills often, you should look for a larger mower that has more power and will cut a straighter path. If you tend to flatten the lawn a lot, a smaller, lighter machine may be better for saving gas and minimizing noise.

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