What is the Best Walk Behind Tiller?

Do you need the best walk behind tiller in the market today at an affordable cost? For years, professional gardeners around the world have been using the traditional lever back tillers. To further break soil or rocky ground, they will guide you with high-quality walk behind tiller. A walk behind tiller is among the most important gardening equipment which is widely being used to dig up the earth. Its original name is “back tiler”.

There are four major types of walk behind trolleys available in the market today. They are: drum tilers, brush tilers, motorized treadmills, and belt-drive trolleys. Let us discuss each type of these four-stroke tillers. Drum tilers have one wheel that moves in a circular motion inside the tiller bucket. The presence of a brush or metal belt inside the bucket allows the rotation of the drum. This method is best suitable for breaking up tough rocky ground or loose soil.

Brush Tiller This is the best walk behind tiller as it has a frame that can be locked and unlocked. This frame is made up of cast iron and can be locked by simply locking the frame. The lock feature is designed in such a way so that it prevents tampering with the machinery. This tilling width is quite a small width as compared to the drum tiling width. So this tilling depth is a little bit wider than the drum width. This machine is mostly used for tilling small, tight ground and is effective in compressing hard soil.

Rotary Tractor This is another kind of tiller that has a rotating wheel that moves in a horizontal plane. This rotary tiller has an inner belt that is supported by the counterbalance springs. The advantage of this tiller over other types is that it does not need manual power to turn over the soil. This machine does not move at all when switched on. It just remains stationary in its place and works independently.

Dual revolving tines This type of tiller is similar to the rotary tiller but it also has inner conveyor belts that help in the rotation process. These conveyor belts are fitted with the tires that are fixed beneath the rim of the machine. These tires are of different types, one being solid rubber and the other being a soft rubber.

Rear tine tractor – This is the most commonly sought after tiller. It is preferred mainly because it has a larger turning radius than the other machines. If you plan to have a tilling job that requires a large area of soil then the tractor is the right choice for you. The tractor comes with a lifting bucket that can be used to pick up soil, sand and gravel from the ground. An important consideration while buying a rear tiller is that it must have a good frame, strong motor, and must be able to stand on its own for long periods of time.

Walk behind tiller – This is the machine that many homeowners prefer to use for tilling the lawn or ground. Basically it works like a small excavator and can carry out tasks such as grading of the soil, digging holes, sifting and screening, etc. These tasks can be easily carried out by using a push button start. It has an electronic control key that controls the rotation of the wheels. It also has an electronic motor that helps to circulate the air through the machine and this helps in cooling the machine as well.

The four-stroke design of this machine makes it ideal for light duty work and in general light soil tilling is its most common use. This machine is a little slower than the walk behind tiller and will require a tilling width of about three feet and greater. When choosing a tiller there are many factors to consider and here are some of them: the machine size, speed, breaking new ground, cutting depth, operator safety, and turning radius. There is no doubt that the best walk behind tiller is the one that meets all these criteria.

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