What Is the Best Snow Blower For Wet Snow?

The Poulan Pro PR 271 is our best two Stage snow blower recommendation. It has an excellent dual-chambered engine with variable speed control. It also has clever dust collection bags that save time and effort when clearing a sidewalk. For a two stage snowblower, the Troy-Bilt vortex 2490 machine easily takes first place, thanks to its powerful electric engine. The newest in the two-stage category, the Ariens PRoker 250cc is also a great choice, offering variable speed control, strong front-end, and excellent capacity for any sized job.

A new entrant on the scene is the Ariens SnowBlower Plus. This machine offers both a wet and dry snow blasting capability and has an automatic electric start with LED light indication. It has slightly less power than the Troy-Bilt, but it costs only $500. In addition, it comes with an automatic control switch that allows the operator to switch between wet and dry operation.

Perhaps the best snow blower for wet snow is the Ariens Snowthrower Plus. This machine has an automatic control switch and offers precise air force that eliminates blowing debris and wet leaves from the snow clearing path. The front end of this machine is similar to that of the Troy Bolton. It also has dust collection bags that save working time and effort. On the downside, it does not have a reversible fan or duct system.

A moderate-sized machine that is great for clearing roads in the city and suburbs is the Ariens Snowthrower XL. It is very lightweight and features an aluminum frame and steel deck that are durable. The machine is quite quiet, thanks in part to its electronically adjustable handles and powerful onboard motor. Furthermore, the front grille can be modified to accommodate headlights and other headlight attachments, and there are also numerous attachments available, especially for users who want them.

Those who live in mountainous areas might want to consider the Ariens Snowmobile Chute Plus. This is another snow-clearing machine that has an aluminum body and is quite attractive, with a retractable aluminum “chute”. This machine is equipped with two interchangeable green handles, and it comes with a very powerful onboard motor. The chute is fully customizable, and the main cons of this model are the length of the “chute” and its weight.

The best snow blowers for heavy snowfall came in the category of the three-stage. These machines are ideal for use in any area, as they clear snow rapidly and effectively even on slushy roads and pavements. The three-stage design is effective because it is composed of separate stages that are connected to each other; the first stage clears the snow from the surface, the second clears the chute, and the third transforms the snow into pellets that can be easily pushed into the chutes.

A favorite among snow clearing professionals is the Mammoth Snowthrower Plus. This machine is equipped with two high-speed snow throwers and a giant dump basket. It comes with a remote control, which makes controlling it much easier. The snow throwers are detachable and can be used on either level. This model is quite large, weighing almost 9 pounds, but it works extremely well in clearing large amounts of snow quickly and efficiently.

Finally, the best snow blower for wet snow is the Pro Slot EZ Paver Auger. This machine comes with a brush cutter, a snow thrower, and two augers. It is designed for use in residential areas or larger websites. This two-stage system will allow you to get rid of tree limbs and other obstacles without having to spend hours trying to clear a path with a standard electric or gas-powered machine.

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