What is high end interior design?

We all know that interior design is about the aesthetic of your space, but what takes it up a level and makes interior design high-end?

It’s that elusive luxury that makes high-end interior design look – and feel – so wonderful. The perfect look is well planned, organised and orchestrated from many considered layers.

When you identify those layers of design and upgrade them one by one, high-end interior design isn’t actually all that elusive in the right hands.

What is modern luxury interior design?

Modern luxury interior design is an interior design style that marries modernist ideas with luxury feeling to create a space that feels fresh and innovative as well as timeless and classic.

It’s one of the most popular design styles around today across multiple industry areas, thanks to its beautiful aesthetic, practical reality, and long-lasting impact.

How do we define modern interior design for residential properties?

Modernity favours minimalism. That means sleek clean lines and calm environments generated by good storage and a lack of unnecessary things – no clutter! Neutral colours are the backbone of modern interior design, being calming and classy whilst also offering the flexibility to change and have fun with the all-important bold accent colour of choice.

How do we define luxury for residential properties?

Luxury is first and foremost a feeling. Whilst ornate decorations and bold riches have historically been used to show wealth, luxury in its modern context means the freedom to choose fabulous things with your own personal touch.

Luxury can – and should – be adapted to an individual. Where one person might lay back in the fresh linen sheets on a four-poster bed, reading in soft candlelight and revel in their countryside haven, another will find their bliss preparing canapes on their stunning marble countertops ready for the guests they’re entertaining in their perfect home. Part of the delight in being defined as high-end means that residential luxury is custom and personal.

Top Tips for modern luxury interior design


Lighting defines the atmosphere, which is why it’s such a key part of modern luxury design. A mixture of lighting sources at different levels gives you the opportunity to adapt to any mood or situation. Central lights can also often be statement pieces in luxury design, where modern design likes to hide light sources for a seamless look – there’s a sweet spot for your space somewhere in the middle.


Think carefully about the way your choices create the mood for the room and plan to use colour wisely in your design. Traditional luxury uses deep, rich, and bold colours, whereas modern minimalism favours neutral tones. Marrying the two can provide regal luxury without the classless excess, creating a sense of calm and class through use of colour.


We all know the speed tidy before visitors arrive – no room looks good messy, modern luxury included. Keep this in mind whilst you design and plan. Building a functional, realistic, and practical space will help you keep it like the flawless home you dream of, so consider storage space as well as a calmer, less cluttered design aesthetic. Less is more!


Art is so subjective, don’t let anybody tell you what you ought to have. Good art should match your room, be a talking point, and most importantly, be something you love. Remember, art isn’t limited to paintings that bore you from galleries, you can use creativity and The Arts to define your space and add features of interest in so many ways.


A cohesive and well-structured plan is the backbone of success, both in practical and aesthetic terms. The fundamental cornerstone of good design is function, so centre everything around making sure the space works for you – never choose form over function for your home. When you come to aesthetic choices, colour schemes, lighting designs, you should establish how you want the space to feel. Different colours encourage different emotions, and lighting sets the mood, as well as how you interact with the space. Build around the use and mood you intend to create.


The mixture of what luxury and modernity used to mean makes their marriage an endless world of possibilities. You have an entire history of opulence and minimalism to choose whatever vibe suits you and your needs best. Take inspiration from your favourite things, from old designers, from new designers and from spaces that make you feel things.

The best combination creates a timeless, classy, and practical design that you can genuinely live in every day and appreciate every moment. Use long smooth lines, choose statement pieces you really love, and decide on furniture that works for you, aesthetic wise and for comfort. After all, what is luxury if not comfort?

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