Tips on Selecting the Best Handheld Leaf Blowers

The best handheld leaf blowers will have certain features in common. They all need to be easy to store and transport, require minimal assembly, use compressed air relatively easily, have wheels that can roll easily and have strong bases that don’t break easily. A good set of single stage electric leaf blowers is a very reasonably priced solution to a lawn care problem. It’s worth the extra effort to check price online and research different makes and models before you make a purchase.

Some of the best handheld leaf blowers on the market today are made by Honda. The Honda Civic actually has its roots in the Leaf technology. The newest version of the Civic introduced a plug-in hybrid drive. This new system uses Honda’s high-efficiency two-stroke gas motor along with a battery. Honda claims a 24-mpg improvement over the current Civic.

Another company that makes great lawn tractors and other yard equipment is Echo PA. The two most popular models of the Echo series are the Echo PA-250lt and the Echo PA-series 2.5 hp nitro leaf blower. Both of these models include all the great things you’d expect from a lawnmower – an aluminum frame, stainless steel spring-loaded leaf catching drum, brushless motors that run cooler, and a fast quiet engine. The best handheld leaf blowers have bevel gears on the cutting blades and high-performance motors. The best check price is likely found online, so check out the reviews for this model and other makes online before you purchase.

When it comes to shopping for electric lawn and garden tools, many consumers overlook the corded electric lawn and garden blowers. Cordless electric lawn and garden tools are not only much more convenient than the corded ones, they are also much quieter. The big advantage to these types of tools is the power they offer. If you need to clear a large area and your cordless electric blowers just won’t do it, you can attach a second electric motor to a garden hose to create a powerful lawn vacuum. In addition to cleaning smaller areas, the cordless tool can help you loosen ground debris and even help to uncover roots that might be buried under the snow.

It’s important when looking for a leaf blower to buy the best one for the job. The best one is designed to do the job it was designed for. Don’t let the small advertising claims fool you. While some blowers might look impressive in toy boxes or on the box, they don’t perform like they’re advertised to. Instead look for a quality, long lasting blower that can handle large areas.

There are a few safety tips that you need to be aware of with any type of powered device. One of the most important of these is ear protection. Many cordless and corded garden and lawn care tools come with tiny metal clips that can easily lodge in your ear and hurt your hearing. This can make it very difficult to operate the tool properly. A much better choice is a quality, ear protecting guard. Not only will this save you from painful ear injury, it will also protect the other parts of your ears from dirt, grass, and debris.

When choosing the best two-stroke leaf blowers for blowing in small areas of grass or leaf debris, remember to look at what’s under them. One type of blower will blow smaller debris farther away, and another will blast leaves and larger debris further into the air. Look for a unit that can handle the job. You may only need a blower to blow leaves and smaller debris up a sidewalk, rather than blowing the full width of a yard. So the size of the unit will help you determine what is best for your needs.

The size of the fan speed is also important. If you’re blowing a lot of small objects such as leaves and debris then a lower fan speed is more appropriate. On the other hand, if you’re blowing just a few large ones then a high fan speed will be better for the job. Remember, if you’re blowing leaves and debris then you really don’t need a powerful unit, but you do want a powerful enough unit to blow the entire yard or even street with ease. These fans can easily reach speeds of more than ninety mph!

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