Tips on Choosing the Best Single-Stage Snow Blower

When it comes to doing the work of a snow blower, choosing the best single-stage snow blower can be tricky. However, if you pay attention to some important tips and guidelines outlined here, you will definitely get the best snow blower that money can buy. Best Single-Stage Snow Blower

It is important to first decide the size of the snow thrower you want to purchase. The best single-stage snow blower is usually between eight and twelve inches in diameter; the larger auger models can reach up to twenty-four inches in diameter. The larger augers are generally used by commercial businesses due to the fact that they are easier and faster to use. However, most homeowners would still prefer to own smaller one-cylinder augers.

Next, you need to identify the engine type of your machine. Snow blower engines can be gasoline, electric, or propane; the type of engine determines the type of fuel used in the snow blower. The next thing you need to check is your snow blower’s electric starter switch. If your machine’s electrical starter switch is not working properly, you need to replace it with an electric starter switch.

Before purchasing your machine, you should also consider its power source. Usually, snow blowers require a 110-volt electric power source to work; however, there are now cordless snow blower models available. Cordless snow blower driveways have become popular because they are easier to use and carry around. These driveways also do not emit any dust when used. The only downside about cordless driveways is that it requires an extension cord that runs outside the house.

A two-stage Snowthrower is the best choice for heavy snowfall. This type of blower motor is capable of producing more force than its two stage predecessor. A two stage Snowthrower is usually more expensive than a one-stage blower due to the increased quality and features. However, the additional cost is worth it when snow clearing requires large volumes.

You should also consider the blades of your snow blower. The blades are made from either steel or aluminum. The steel auger blades are generally used for thicker and bigger snow falls while aluminum blades are best suitable for light to moderate snowfall. For optimum performance, a Snowthrower with a steel auger blade is ideal. However, if you don’t have time to assemble a steel auger, a good alternative is a lightweight aluminum blade.

Snow throwers with an eighteen-inch driveways are ideal for light to moderate snowfall in residential areas. The width of the driveways should be at least twenty-four inches to twenty-eight inches. If you need a machine that can clear both three-fourths of an inch, a twenty four-inch driveways is the best choice. The wider driveways will allow the snow thrower to travel over long distances without the need to stop and reset the motor.

When buying a snow blower, consider whether to buy an electric start or not. Electric starting machines are easier to use but tend to exhaust more electricity. Moreover, these blowers take longer to get up an already heated work area. On the other hand, an electric start will allow you to begin immediately and can be activated by a remote control. Before buying an electric start electric snow blower, determine whether the electric start will reduce your labor costs. You may also opt to buy an electric starter snow thrower that has a built in kick-start mechanism.

If you are planning to buy a snow blower, it is advisable to purchase from a manufacturer that offers a good warranty coverage. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties that cover a period not less than one year. Purchasing from manufacturers offering a great build quality and warranty coverage is highly recommended. If the machine is purchased from a company that does not offer extended warranty coverage, it is highly recommended that you purchase one from a third party vendor that does offer an excellent warranty.

The electric single stage snow blower has an electric cord that plugs into a socket near the work area. Be sure to get a cord that has an integrated safety switch that shuts off the blower if there is any risk of an electric shock. It is important that the cord has an outlet that plugs into a socket that is accessible at all times. It is also advisable to buy a cord that has an outlet that plugs into a wall outlet as well.

Snow clearing equipments such as the electric single-stage snow blower, when properly used, create very little noise. When the auger is used properly, it can clear even the smallest spaces. Before starting to use the auger, it is important to turn off all power sources to prevent electrocution. It is important to wear earmuffs or earplugs to protect the hearing when using the auger.

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