Tips in Getting Acquainted With the Best Deck Stain Stripper

Choosing the best deck stain stripper is crucial in prolonging the life of your decking materials. The main culprits of deck stains are sun, wear and tear, and improper cleaning. Sun, as we all know, is the main culprit in fading decks. We all want to enjoy our decking materials for a very long time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take good care of them at the same time.

The best deck stain stripper works best on solid or semi-translucent deck stains. Non-translucent decks cannot properly absorb the stain and clean up easily afterward. Also, it would be very hard to determine whether the colors have been compromised since they fade so quickly. Semi-translucent surfaces can easily absorb the cleaner. These types of surfaces require more aggressive cleaning methods and do not allow the growth of mold and mildew.

There are several disadvantages in using some of these cleaners despite the advantages they offer. Some of the disadvantages include staining of adjacent surfaces, which is inevitable if you’re using an aggressive cleaner; uneven staining if the chemicals interact with each other; and uneven pH levels which cause the growth of mould. It is best to pick one that has no known limitations.

If you’re looking for the best deck stains to protect your expensive wooden deck, polyurethane is your best option. However, polyurethane has its own disadvantages especially when exposed to elements like sun, heat, and moisture. The surface of the solution will begin to peel off if exposed to too much moisture. So, it’s advisable to place these stains on high traffic areas or on smooth and level surfaces.

Aluminum oxide is another popular type of wood preservative used in treating wooden decks. It can work wonders for maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the material. However, it can also cause damage to the surface. It is not ideal for surfaces that see a lot of wear and tear because it loses its multipurpose usability after prolonged exposure to elements.

Abrasive substances such as sand and silicon are not recommended for applying on wooden surfaces. Abrasive substances are best suited for removing paint from metal surfaces and for removing stains from cement surfaces. But these substances are not versatile and they can damage the wooden structure. It is not ideal for home use as it can negatively affect the chemical and physical properties of the substance.

Sublimation photo sensitized polyurethane is a new entrant in the market. It is designed for use in removing dark stains from concrete and wood surfaces. This kind of wood deck stains stripper contains a photo-reactive agent that reacts with the pigment present in the stain so that it is oxidized. This oxidization process does not change the basic color of the material. The results are very satisfactory, as it leaves the surface with a semi-transparent appearance.

There are other organic substances that you can consider as wood strippers for wood decks. You can get rid of the unsightly stains left by algae, fungi, mold and mildew using this organic compound. The chemical structure of this compound is similar to that of vinyl siding so it easily interacts with other materials. Some manufacturers say it works just as well as oil-based strippers. However, it is not as durable as oil-based compounds and it gradually loses its effectiveness after continuous use.

Another popular choice of eco-friendly wood stain remover product is the varnish remover. You have two options – the oil or water-based varnish remover. You can choose the one that suits your needs. A lot of people have been satisfied with the results of this organic stain removal agent as it made their stains completely disappear.

The ideal deck stain remover is the one that contains resins and a UV stabilization agent. The ideal formulation comes with a silicone coating so it prevents the absorption of the stripper solution. This coating also prevents the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the materials used for the application. It leaves a clear and shiny finish on the materials. Although this eco-friendly wood stain remover contains natural ingredients, you need to check if these ingredients are still appropriate for the application in your particular situation. Other factors such as your personal chemistry, outdoor activities, and weather conditions must be considered before applying the formula.

It is best to hire the services of professional experts so that they can apply the right chemical and organic substances on your deck surfaces. These experts can also remove the stubborn stains from your swimming pool decks, patio pavers, sidewalk cracks, granite tiles, bricks and other wet surfaces. They also offer services for removing leaves, twigs, pet hairs, and dandelions from your decks. Getting acquainted with the various types of these chemicals will be helpful in choosing the best products for removing unwanted impurities from your concrete and stone surfaces. The most popular and effective one is the borax-based stain removing agent

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