The Greatest Hero Ever by Michael Connelly

One of the first songs I picked up on the guitar when I started learning to play guitar was “Why is My Pumpkin Green?” Ever since then it has become one of my favorites, along with “Back in Black” and “Don’t Take Me Alive.” Both songs have a slightly Alternative Country feel to them that is perfect for a beginners guitar lesson. If you are looking for some great songs to learn you should definitely check out “Why is My Pumpkin Green?”

This song is about two pumpkins, one who wants to be a farmer and one who doesn’t want to grow his pumpkin plant. The lyrics are quite simple but have a nice flow to them, sort of like a country western or something. What makes this song excellent for beginning guitarists or anyone wanting to learn how to play guitar in a mellow/funny way is that the song talks about pumpkin plants and turning oranges into cash.

The lyrics go something like this, “Pumpkins like the sound of a hand bellowing, They sleep in dark green bins. That’s what my pumpkin likes, to see me work now. Now he’s got cash, I sell him some shares, That’s what my pumpkin expects. He can’t turn orange, He’s got to stay green, Because he’s hungry, That’s what my pumpkin needs.”

The verses go something like this, “Green pumpkins spin their little wheels, It’s so funny they make me laugh. That’s how I make my buck, Because I’m a millionaire.” I love this song because it’s so true. You just have to let go of the worry that being green means you have to be rich. Instead you have to let go of the fear of not making enough money. You don’t have to work for it, neither do you have to be poor.

In today’s market there are many ways you can make money being green. You can sell orange pumpkins to people who need to make soup. Now that is something that my pumpkin enjoys, because he loves to eat soup.

One of my favorite ways to make money being green is by taking online courses. There are several well known online courses that teach you how to make money being green. Some of them will teach you how to grow your own organic vegetables. Others will teach you how to make organic baby food. The techniques and strategies you learn in these courses can be applied to all areas of your life and help you to be more successful.

For example one online course teaches how to prepare pumpkin puree for pies. You’ll also learn how to write a good business law order song and how to sell legal products. Some of the courses include Pumpkin Spice Pies, Law Order Theme Song and Legal Product Recipes.

Another one of my favorites is called Main Title Theme. This course teaches you how to create an outstanding logo and develop a simple but professional image for your company. It includes Theme Ideas for Business Name, Logo, Signs, Exhibits, Merchandise, Advertise, Promotions, Promotional Products and much more. One thing it does is it explains why you should use a pumpkin green background in your business stationery. The main song theme song is used as an intro music for each chapter.

If you look at the last two chapters titled Why Is My Pumpkin Green And What’s Its Message, you’ll find some of the main theme songs used. Pumpkin Spice Pie and Law Order Theme Song are the two main songs included. My main goal was to make sure each chapter has a good message and lesson. After all if the whole purpose is to learn about marketing and advertising then why is my pumpkin green? If you can answer that question, you’ve learned the entire course!

In the last chapter titled Why Is My Pumpkin Green And What’s Its Message, I’d like to include a song that fits the topic perfectly. I chose The LazyTown Song which is an amazing instrumental version. When you play the instrumental you’ll get a great taste of what I’m talking about because it’s so smooth and mellow. This is what you want when you have a boring law order theme song!

A final thought for this series. If you’re like me and listen to rock music then you know the drill. You look through the lyrics to the greatest hits and you find some lines that are repeated to death. If your not familiar with the song, then repeat the chorus word for word to remind yourself of the story.

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