The Best Lawn Sprinkler Heads to Water Your Garden

If you are having problems watering your lawn, it may be due to one thing your best lawn sprinkler heads are not doing their job as they should be. This can become a very frustrating situation, since there is no other way to water your lawn other than using the best lawn sprinkler heads. One of the things that people complain about most often is that their lawns remain wet even during periods of dry weather. Even when they try to water by hand using a hose, they find that the grass remains wet. How can this happen?

There can be many causes for this situation. One being that the best lawn sprinkler heads you bought are not working properly. Or is not powerful enough to water your grass adequately. Second, the grass goes automatically with the water pressure generated by the water nozzle. Third, all you need to do is lay the hose in the way you wish the sprinkler head to water. The sprinkler actually takes care of itself and moves along as directed.

To get the best sprinklers, make sure to check the connections first. The larger the lawn, the more connections there are between the best sprinkler heads and the parts. The following are the common parts that are used in sprinklers rotor heads, body, hose, valve and adjustment.

Rotor heads the rotor is the circular portion that connects the motor to the rest of the sprinkler heads. It has two large holes in the middle. You will find that there are plenty of things to choose from when it comes to choosing the right rotor head. For residential use, you can go for the low profile rotors, which have the small round holes. These are very easy to install and adjust.

Hose this is where the water is distributed and controlled. Usually, there are one or two hose outlets for the residential sprinkler heads. If there are many lawns in a single house, then you can opt for a multi hose system that uses up to ten hoses. This increases the water pressure and reduces the watering time. However, if you only have small lawns, you can just go for the single hose outlet.

Valve this is where you control the flow of water through the hose. The common valve arrangements are the top-low, top-high and bottom-low. There are also those that are the split valves and those that are the movable valves. The best ones are the movable valves because they allow you to adjust the water pressure as well as the flow rate. And since there are various models of these sprinklers that you can choose from, it is important that you get what really suits your lawn needs.

Coverage – This is the distance that the lawn sprinkler heads will cover. The amount of coverage that you need will depend on the size and the shape of your yard. For example, if you have small lot, it is ideal to get the spherical sprinklers that will cover approximately fifty feet. You can also choose the full circle sprinklers for the larger space.

How much water pressure? If you know the answer to the question, how much water pressure do you need? Then you can easily choose the best model that will give you the right answer. Remember, there are sprinklers that can deliver water at one fourth of a horsepower. And there are some that will only deliver water at half a horsepower.

Shape – There are two different shapes that you can choose from when it comes to the best lawn sprinkler heads. The first one is the round shaped which is ideal for small spaces. And the other one is the square foot. These two types are used mostly in bigger yards since they provide you with better coverage.

Adjustment Range – When it comes to the adjustment range, there are two options. One is the manual adjustment and the other one is the automatic adjustment. The former allows you to adjust the height of the spray distance at anytime. Meanwhile, the latter will allow you to adjust the spray distance by using a remote device or by pressing a button.

Hose size – There are two hose sizes that you can choose from. The first hose is the low-pressure hoses that you can use for watering small plants and even seedlings. The second hose is the standard high-pressure hoses that you can use for larger plants and trees. You need to choose which hose will give you the best irrigation results in your garden according to the size of your garden and the number of its plants.

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