The Best Kitchen Ideas for the Ultimate Show Home in 2022

Decorating and designing a home isn’t easy – and it’s even more challenging to decorate and design a show home! But what is a show home, anyway? As you may already know, show home is a home that’s staged – meaning it’s a home that’s designed in such a way that it will attract home buyers. If you’ve ever been in a property development and they’re showcasing a home for sale, that means it’s been decorated with the buyer in mind. So naturally, buyers will look at everything – and if they can’t imagine themselves in that home, it will be hard to sell. And one of the most essential rooms they will look at is, of course, the kitchen – it’s where everything happens, after all, and where the family often gathers. So how can you design a kitchen for a show home? Here are the best kitchen ideas for the ultimate show home in 2022.

Go for softer colours

Today’s trend works well with most rooms in the home, but you can also use it in the kitchen. The trend is the use of softer colours, ranging from warm, creamy hues to pastel tones. The softer colours will often bring out the brighter tones of the fixtures and hardware, and the pastel hues will add a bit of colour and fun to the room. So when you have your kitchen cupboards and cabinets painted, you can use softer shades that will warm up the kitchen and make the hardware and fixtures pop.

Alternatively, go for darker and bolder colours

On the other hand, you can go in the opposite direction. Most people, for instance, like neutral colours such as grey, but rather than use it for the bedroom, why not use it for the kitchen? It presents a rich, striking contrast with the other elements. You can use it for the kitchen island, a pantry, or a built-in design element, as confirmed by showhome interior design specialists like Blocc UK. Some designers have even opted for black, and others have used burnt metal finishes.

Try out a mix of fixtures

There is one rule that has always been followed by many: your fixtures must be the same material and colour throughout. And whilst this is still a golden rule, you now have the option of mixing it up and going for two kinds of metal in your kitchen space. Many designers have used a mixture of nickel, black metal, and brass for their kitchens, and it works surprisingly well because it brings all the metals together for a more layered look. All in all, your tap doesn’t always have to match your cupboards and cabinets or your light fixtures. For example, if you want a stainless steel tap with the same appliances, you can mix it with brass lights and hardware – this will add more interest and depth to the room.

Have your basin built-in

If you’ve noticed, one trend that is quite popular nowadays – is the engineered, built-in sink. It has quickly replaced the standard porcelain basin, and many people are now experimenting with engineered materials and even concrete. There is a material, for instance, called Siligranit – and it has the appearance of concrete but comes in different colours and is food-safe and non-porous – perfect for the kitchen, and also a unique selling point!


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