The Best Gas Powered Leaf Blowers

Gas powered Leaf Blowers offers the benefits of a mulching machine, but also have the added benefit of being able to clean large areas very quickly. They can be used to clear large areas such as lawns and driveways quickly. The most common use for these is to clear large piles of leaves on the ground or other large landscaping items such as trees and shrubs. The speed at which these devices run is determined by the force of air being pushed through the mechanism. The CFM or Cubic Feet Per Minute is the standard measurement of air volume flow and speed.

There are many different sizes of gas-powered leaf blowers available. The most common size is the Portable version, sometimes referred to as a backpack gas leaf blower. These models run on a 12 volt motor with a maximum capacity of twenty-eight gallons. They will remove leaves and other large clumps of dirt efficiently and quickly. The speeds you can achieve with these devices depends on the cubic feet per minute rating of the fan motor and the air pressure used.

The next type of leaf blower is the handyman sized variety. They are perfect for people who don’t want to spend time cleaning up a large area, but still need to clear smaller areas. These devices will clean small yards and landscaped areas very quickly. The small size makes them great for power washing cars or other commercial outdoor projects. Handheld craftsman models range in size from three to six cubic feet of air capacity. A lightweight backpack gas leaf blower is usually very compact and can fit into tight places when not in use.

The third type of gas leaf blowers is larger versions of the earlier two styles. These devices are called electric lawn or garden tools. Most of these larger blowers are wheeled versions that are similar to garden vacuums. There is also the option of gas-powered models for home and light commercial projects. The larger electric models can weigh several hundred pounds. The electric-powered leaf blower is also more difficult to handle because of the weight.

Fourth, you have the new user-friendly designs. User-friendly gas-powered leaf blowers are making it easier than ever for the average craftsman b215 to use them. Some are equipped with detachable bags and adjustable lengths so that the user can vary the width of the surface the blower will be working on.

Fifth, the newest design is the wristwatch-style cylinder. This type of cylinder allows users to adjust the rotary force of the blower. This allows the user to slow down the speed at which it operates. The wrist watch-style design also allows the user to regulate the speed of the fan while turning the blower on or off. Many users say that this type of fan is quiet, but I did not test it out.

Last, the newest design that I tested was the Husqvarna 150BT. The 150 BT is almost identical to the old model Husqvarna 250 BT. I found that the newer model allowed users to increase the wind speed and decrease the noise. The only complaint I have is that the fan seems a little rough around the edges when you first start it, but after using it awhile, the rough texture becomes more of an appealing feature.

This was my test of the new gas powered leaf blower models. I found that all three had positives and only two negatives. I would recommend these blowers to anyone looking for a lightweight unit that gets the job done. I think the next model up, could be the fastest unit available today, but until then, the Husqvarna 150bt makes an excellent choice.

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