The Best Fertilizer For Green Grass

There are many fertilizers available in the market which can help you make sure that your lawn grows back healthy and well-manicured. However, when choosing which of these fertilizers to use for your lawn, it would be helpful if you first know what type of grass you have. This will make it easier for you to choose the right kind of fertilizer that will best suit your lawn. If you already know what type of grass you have and where you are from, then you can simply look up the types of grasses present in your area and find out which of them is best suited for your lawn.

There’s no exact formula to determine what’s the best fertilizer for grass greening. But there are some basic guidelines and considerations that you need to take note of before you purchase one. As mentioned above, it’s important to first have your soil tested before you purchase any fertilizer. For most new grass, especially those that have just started growing, it’s best to opt for a fertilizer which is quite rich in phosphorous and nitrogen. They’re the two most important nutrients that the grass needs in order for them to grow.

Phosphorus and nitrogen, along with potassium, are the most needed nutrients for lawn grass. They also help in thickening the soil and making it aerate. Potassium is particularly useful for cool-season grasses because it helps in the growth process of these grasses. These grasses generally grow fast and take less time to develop a thick green canopy over the entire lawn. On the other hand, phosphorous is useful for the hardy and annual grasses that are usually found in springtime.

If you have annuals or cool-season lawn grasses, then it’s advisable to use a fertilizer with a higher level of phosphorus and nitrogen. The problem is that since it’s used more often, phosphorus takes a much longer time to break down than nitrogen. Fertilizers with a higher level of phosphorus tend to cause weed growth too.

Many lawn experts recommend organic fertilizers over the commercial ones. Organic fertilizers have been proven to be as effective as all-natural fertilizers. So you don’t have to worry about experiencing any side effects like chemical side effects. You’ll also save a lot of money on chemical fertilizers, especially if you are purchasing them from your local market. In fact, buying these at the local market can be a little expensive.

Another type of lawn fertilizer that you can use is the n-p-k fertilizer or nitrogen-phosphate-potassium. This type of fertilizer works well on both warm-season grass and cool-season grass. This product comes in a liquid form that can be sprayed onto your lawn. Before you start applying this type of fertilizer on your lawn, make sure that your soil is properly prepared by breaking up the large rocks and adding the required amount of topsoil or fertilizer.

You should also know that there are other types of fertilizers that you can use aside from the two mentioned above. For instance, there are n-rich fertilizers which are actually weed killers that work better on weed growth. There are also those that are known as dormant fertilizers. These are products like chicken manure, urine, or composted paper. They are actually effective in removing weeds but they are not as effective in retaining the moisture in your lawn as the regular fertilizers.

Now that you know a little more about the different lawn fertilizers, you can now prepare your lawn care calendar. It will help you schedule regular maintenance checks to ensure that your lawn still looks good in its current condition. In addition, this will also help you determine the right timing of fertilization depending on the type of grasses that you have. By learning a little more about the type of lawn fertilizers, you will know when it would be best for you to apply it so that your green growth will have the best chance of survival.

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