The Best Battery Operated Weed Wacker Models

What is it that makes the Best Battery Operated Weed Wacker so much better than the rest? Why would anyone want to buy a weed eater that works using old fashioned gas? You get all kinds of answers for this question, but the best one is “based on personal experience”. If you have the time and the money to invest in a weed eater that operates with electricity, why not give it a shot?

Let’s start with the best battery operated weed wacker for a start. The first one I looked into was a Mower Master Trimmer. It has cordless capabilities and a fold up design, which make it very easy to store. The thing I like about the mower is that you can mow down a large yard quickly. This leaves you with more time to spend with the kids or doing other things that would be more enjoyable than a long, drawn-out lawn mowing session.

I know what you are thinking, batteries don’t last forever and you might have to replace them soon after you get the mower. That’s where another great feature of the best battery operated weed eater for me came in. Some models have a life time of anywhere from three to six months between battery recharges. This means you get to enjoy your mowing without any worries for the life of the battery.

The next weed wacker I looked into was the Grass Master CurbWacker II. I found it to be moderately priced, and the battery life was a great bonus. It has push button controls to get the job done without having to manually turn the water on and off. Another great plus is the fact that the blades come in multiple sizes to get the job done better. The biggest downside of the unit is the fact that it doesn’t have much more power than the others I looked at. That being said, for what it does do, it is still one of the best values on the market.

The Grass Master Trimmer & Weed Wacker II also came with a decent battery and Amazon gift card. My only real problem with this model was the fact that it did not come with a cord. Since this was a cordless string trimmer, I understand that you will need something to help keep the trimmer in the ground. I found that the Amazon gift card provided adequate cover for most uses.

Another great little cordless weed wacker on the market is the Hitachi CurbWacker. This model can actually be used indoors as well as outdoors. The battery pack and the attachments all work on a standard 110-volt outlet. The Hitachi also has a nice little button on the side that you push when you start the unit that automatically switches the battery charger on.

The last of the battery operated weed wackers on the market is the Hitachi CurbWacker II. This model is almost like a combination trimmer and weed whip with a lightweight cordless trimmer attachment. The only negative I can think of with this model is that the battery charger is not so great. It takes a while for the entire battery to charge up and then you are ready to start trimming again.

These three models represent the best battery operated weed wackers on the market today. They all offer a cordless and lightweight option, some have a small blade to trim around bushes, some have a pivoting head for accurate cutting, and the Hitachi CurbWacker and the Amtectures Grammarizer are both cordless and lightweight. My recommendation would be to check out the Grammarizer model since it looks and works almost exactly like an electronic word processor while also being cordless.

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