Selecting the Best Compost Tumbler

If you are serious about your composting or garden, you will want to invest in the best compost tumbler you can find. A compost tumbler, which also called a computer, converts organic matter into compost, and nutrient-rich liquid similar to fertilizer. The best compost tumbler fully encloses the entire pile in a sealed barrel, removing the smell. That’s because the tumbler aerates the pile and circulates the compost to ensure that it is thoroughly mixed.

In addition, the best compost tumbler has an automatic button for feeding the pile. That means that it will stop working while the contents of the bin fill up and feed the blades. In time, the compost will be ready to make a beautiful garden.

Two popular types of computers are the tumblers made out of steel and high-density plastics. Plastic composters are compact and usually only hold a handful of food items at a time. They are not without their problems, either. Because plastic compactor is lightweight, it can be difficult to move it from one place to another, and the edges of the bin may tear up easily.

Steel computers, also known as corrugated metal, are sturdy and durable. They are the best compost tumbler for serious gardeners who need to make compost quickly. However, they are costly and hard to move. They are also prone to rusting, especially if exposed to too much moisture. Because of this, most steel composters are permanently mounted on buildings or other structures so that they don’t have to be moved too often.

The third consideration for any home gardener is the type of aeration system that they will have. There are three types of aeration systems – aeration disks, spirals, and air pumps. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you will want to research thoroughly before making your final selection. However, if you are just getting started then it is probably best to go with an aeration disk. A disk will force the air through the inside of the compost bin while adding air to the outside.

Tumblers with a spinning motion are another popular option. These compost tumblers can turn out softer materials such as straw and are often sturdy enough to handle larger, softer materials. Because they are harder to move around, many people opt for these, especially if they want to keep a small tumbler in a location that is easily accessible. However, most homeowners find that these tumblers are noisy and some even break when being moved, so you may want to consider a more silent, easier to handle option.

Tumblers that include some sort of agitator are the most popular. This is a rotating device that forces the contents of the bin through the compactor. An agitator is probably the best choice for households that compost small amounts of organic matter regularly. Most households will find that it is a good idea to purchase a compact sized one that can handle a typical composting needs for their needs. A lightweight portable one can be easily stored in a closet or other small space. The agitator is not particularly durable, but most consumers are satisfied with the performance.

One other type of compost tumbler that can be useful is one that includes vents. The ventilated models allow air circulation around the bin and along the vents, which help keep the contents fresh. This can be useful for both home and commercial composters, especially since it is usually much cheaper to buy a ventilation-free bin than it is to buy a model that includes vents. It is important to note that many newer ventilation-free bins now have built-in fans, which can greatly reduce odors inside the unit.

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