Poinsettia Flowering – How Often Do You Need to Water Poinsettia Flowers?

Many gardeners struggle with the question of how often do you need to water poinsettias. While some will see a lack of moisture as a good thing and even praise the green growth, others are concerned that the flowers will dry out quicker than they should. After all, poinsettia flowers are very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. So how often do you have to water poinsettias? Here is a closer look at this common garden flower.

The amount of water needed depends on many factors, including the kind of poinsettia that you are growing. This species of flower grows best when it receives daily maximum water. Some varieties need only a couple of inches of water per day. These flowers will bloom better if you water them early in the morning or late in the evening.

When you decide how much water your poinsettia flower needs, it is time to plan how often you will be taking care of this large plant. When you grow poinsettias, you have many options for watering. You can water them only once each day, just before the flower appears to be wilting, or you can water the flowers several times throughout the day. Just make sure that you water them thoroughly, before removing the leaves from your poinsettia plants.

Some poinsettias flower more quickly than others. For this reason, you will need to determine how fast your poinsettia plant blooms. If it is very fast, you will likely not need to water it nearly as often as a slower-blooming flower will need to.

How fast your poinsettia blooms depends largely on how early in the season it is. The earlier you dig the flowers out of the ground, the faster they will begin to bloom. In the southern states, for example, the flowers begin to bloom shortly after being planted. As the months go on into spring, the flowers will stay blooming until the first frosts appear. However, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy your flowering plants, even during the colder months.

Knowing how often do you need to water poinsettia plants can help you keep your flowers healthy. If you are trying to maintain a dry area where you plan to plant your blooming garden, you should not worry about the amount of water you use. On the contrary, poinsettia plants thrive best when they receive regular watering. In fact, the drier the area where you live, the better. If your area does not receive an adequate amount of rainfall, you might consider purchasing a rainwater harvesting system so that you can better provide your poinsettia with sufficient water.

Another important factor you should consider when you are deciding how often do you need to water poinsettia flowers is the quality of the soil in which they grow. It is common knowledge that a well-drained soil is healthier and more productive. When considering which type of flower to grow, you might want to consider growing a sun loving variety if you live in a warm part of the country. Sunflowers are very hardy plants and will thrive even in drier climates.

Some poinsettia growers swear by an organic approach to growing poinsettia flowers. If you have access to an organic vegetable garden, you can grow poinsettia plants using organic methods. Organic gardening ensures that you do not introduce any chemicals into the ecosystem and you avoid any potential environmental damage. In terms of how often do you need to water poinsettia flowers, the amount of water required will be based on a number of factors. The overall health of the plant and the amount of sunlight it receives will determine how much water you need to provide.

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