How To Trim African Violets For Better Flowering

African Violets are beautiful flowers that can be kept as a large garden plant. The flowers of this exotic plant range in color from white to a deep pink, almost black. This plant is perfect for a sunny and warm climate because the blooms do not open for several weeks after they come out. Violets are a great choice for any season, but you may prefer them more when the weather is cooler. If you want to learn how to trim African violets, keep reading. Here are some general guidelines to follow when trimming these plants.

Trim your African violets straight across. They will grow out to about 4 inches and bloom at that size. If you try to cut them at an angle, you will end up with twisted or damaged flowers. The beautiful shape of the flower comes from how it starts to curl once it comes out from the plant. You don’t want to cut it too far across; just leave a couple of buds between each pair of leaves to allow for proper growth.

When the bloom is ready for its big open debut, it will reach full bloom in late summer or early fall. By that time, you should have no problems harvesting them. However, you may need to prune them if you haven’t already. You should only cut about one-third of the flower at a time, or you will stunt their growth and they will be even less beautiful. However, if you let them grow out completely, they will be so lovely that you won’t mind.

Afican Violets love a warm, humid environment. If you live in an area with temperatures around seventy or eighty degrees, your crop of these flowers will bloom nicely. However, if you live in a colder climate, it is important to trim them frequently to keep them growing properly. In addition, it is important to remember that if the soil is too wet, your African Violet will not flower.

The stems on African Violets are usually very short, reaching up to five or six inches. That is fine, however, if it is hard for you to get them to stand upright. Keep cutting them back until they are about one half inch tall. Then, you will be ready to harvest. If they still don’t seem to like it, don’t hesitate to repot them.

Some African Violet growers, unfortunately, find that their crop of these plants tends to be a bit wild. They end up cutting off too much of the flower for normal pruning, so it results in smaller blooms. For this reason, some people prefer to wait and harvest them later in the season instead of attempting to work on how to trim african violets right away. If your African Violet grows too wild, you can prune them to shape a bit, but don’t make the mistake of cutting too much of the flower off. This will result in the plant not having its natural shape and texture.

When you do want to prune your African Violet plants, take care not to cut too deeply into the center of the bloom. If you do, the plant may not have enough room to bloom. As always, it is best to leave the center of the bloom intact so that the petals have room to open up and fill with more flowers. The whole point is to let the flower’s color shine through.

When it comes to how to trim african violets, there is really no one right way to go about it. It will come down to personal preference and what works best for your African Violet. Just take a bit of time to learn how to trim African Violets and soon you’ll find that you’ve become quite skilled at caring for them.

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