How to Repot Spider Plants Carefully

Are you wondering how to repot spider plants? They can be very easy to care for, if you know how to do it. Here are some of the best methods to use when repotting your container garden.

First, you have to remove all the leaves from the top of your plant. You can use a pair of shears to quickly and easily do this. The small leaves of spider plants tend to be very thin and long, and can easily resemble small blades of grass. When the flower buds drop off, a little spine, which looks just like a tiny version of the plant itself, replaces them.

Next, you need to repot your container garden with a quick and easy method. You need to use a very thin piece of shutterstock. This will serve two purposes. It will keep the roots of your spider plant from spreading out. And, the wider the pot, the better.

Start by removing the majority of the leaves off your plant. Then, using a pair of scissors, quickly cut down the length of the stem so that there is only one blade of stem between you and the tap water. Your shutterstock will do the rest. Place the remaining plant into a large shallow pan filled with clean, cool water. Do not put the tap water in the pot. Continue to do this until all the leaves on your plant are gone.

Now, your spider plants are ready to be replanted. Use your large pots, fill them with some of your soil, and spread it around on the bottom and up the sides of your containers. Place another plant or two inside the pot with the smaller stems sticking up. Now, pinch off a couple of stems from your plant and add these to your mix. If you do not have any tap water, you can put this inside your ceramic pot and let it grow into a root system that will give your plant the room it needs to get established and establish itself properly.

Continue to water your plant daily as long as you keep the pot moist. The stems will start to wilt and die back. But, you can continue to feed your plants until the stems have died back too. When you repot your spider plants, you will want to remove the dead leaves and stems, rinse your plant with clean water, and put the remaining leaves inside the pot.

To help your plants take hold of their new home, you may want to put some small rocks in the bottom of your container. Then, when you repot plants, you can put your plant right on top of the rock and make sure it is secure. You can then add a couple more plants or larger specimens if you want. Repot your plant about every month for the first year. When you repot plants, you should always try to do it in the spring so that they will be accustomed to being in their new home before summer comes. You should also check your soil to make sure that it is still the right pH and nutrients level so that your plant will grow as well as possible.

Some varieties of spider plants only need a knife to remove the majority of the leaves. On the other hand, other varieties may require a pair of scissors to cut away the majority of the leaves. If you are uncertain about the correct method to use, you may want to call a knowledgeable person at your local garden center to help you. However, always make sure that you do this carefully to prevent your plants from drying out too much.

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