How to Prune Purple Smoke Bush & Grapevines

When to prune royal purple smoke bushes is a question that often arises when a new plant is purchased and the owner is anxious to establish its proper growing and maintenance schedule. The truth of the matter is that when you prune your purple smoke, it depends upon several different factors. This plant needs full sunlight during its growing period and if you do not provide it with the required amount of this light, then the plant will not thrive. If you have planted the plant into a container and are no longer in a position to provide it with direct sunlight, then it may be pruned at the end of its flowering season. If you want to have a vigorous shoot, then you should prune it at the start of its flowering season.

When to prune purple smoke bushes is also dependent upon the time of year in which you are keeping the plant. If it is in the winter months and you wish to get rid of some of the leaves on the lower shoot, then you need to prune the bush prior to the blooming of its leaves. If you have grown it for its beauty and if you wish to preserve its fragrance, then you can prune it right after the flower buds have bloomed. This is a good time to take out the dead and weak branches.

When to prune the purple smoke depends on whether the plant is male or female. Most of the time, the male branches of the plant are pruned during the summer months. This is because they are producing flowers and pollen in greater quantities when the temperature is high. This is also the time when their growth potential is highest. Females, on the other hand, are pruned during the autumn season when they have flowered and are producing fewer flowers and seeds.

It is important that you do not remove too many of the branches at once. This will make the plant look overcrowded and awkward. In addition to that, if you prune too much at once, the plant may become stressed and even die. You should only remove two or three percent of the branches each year to keep the growth balanced.

The most common question when to prune royal purple smoke and grapes involves when to remove the shoots that produce flowers. One of the best times to prune them is when they are producing new growth. The majority of the new shoots will need to be removed when they reach the height of twelve to fifteen inches. This will allow the flowers to grow properly.

However, there is also a time when you can prune the branches but not the flower buds. This will ensure that the grapevines continue to grow and produce berries. If you want to keep the vines growing, you should prune them about two to four inches before they turn brown. When you prune them this way, you are providing your vine with all of the food it needs to produce berries.

Another important question about when to prune royal purple smoke and grapevines is about keeping the growth pattern of the plants consistent. You should have a similar height for each pair of shoot branches. This will make it easier for the plant to produce berries even when it is not the peak season.

In order to maintain the health of your grapevines and to avoid having trouble pruning, you should make sure that you know the proper time to prune them. You can learn more about the correct pruning methods when you register online for free “How to Prune Royal Purple Smoke Bush & Grapevines” grow kit. This free instructional guide will teach you how to prune grapevines the right way.

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