How To Prune A Large Philodendron And Be Successful

Pruning large trees is not always necessary but when it is it can make all the difference in how lush and big they grow. The biggest threat to these large trees comes during their dormant seasons. During this time the roots of these large trees are constantly growing and creating problems for the gardener. Most people are not sure how to prune a large Philodendron. Let’s face it, sometimes even I don’t know how.

If you are not sure how to prune a large Philodendron, then start with cutting one of its branches. Take out about one third of the stem and tie it into a knot. You can also use a smaller branch as a pin to hold the knot in place. This will keep the growth of the leaflet on the branch from becoming visible during the season that the tree is not growing.

Cut a sliver of the stem forward about one inch above the knot. The point of pruning should be to open up the space between the two points. At this time you should also remove any green that is on the stem. This will help it to grow more densely. The timing you prune your Philodendron depends upon how thick it grows throughout the season.

Make sure you prune back completely every year. This will ensure that the plant grows back thicker and healthier each time. It will also make it easier to identify. Some times a stem can be missed totally. If this happens, it is easy to find out what you have missed and re-plant the clipping.

When pruning a large tree like a Philodendron, you will need a large pruning shears to get the job done. Make sure you buy the right size for the large tree. You can use regular pruning shears but make sure that they are large and not regular garden shears. The large shears are designed for cutting large branches and leaves.

Make sure that you prune evenly. You don’t want any part of the plant being overgrown. You also don’t want any part being left untouched. This will only produce uneven growth. You don’t want to hurt the plant by pruning too much or it will never grow back as large as you had planned.

Once you have finished pruning you should leave the area to continue to grow. Do not cut the new growth until the old growth has stopped growing in. You can repot the plant any time it looks healthy. Repotting a large plant can take as little as a week or so if it is cared for properly.

If you are learning how to prune a large philodendron you should try to keep it healthy. It doesn’t take much to care for it. You simply need to clean it regularly, get all of the leaves off the pruned tips and remove any insects. You should try to prune your plant in the late winter or early spring. Pruning your large philodendron will help to ensure that it grows to be the largest and most beautiful plant in your yard.

You will need to start at the base and work your way up. It is important to make sure that you are only cutting away part of the stem. This will prevent the plant from hardening up or from drying out. If the plant starts to harden it will attract bugs and diseases.

When pruning be careful to not prune too far forward or you may cut through the leaf tissue. You should be able to do this without damage to the stem. It is best to prune a third of the stem at a time. Be sure to do this carefully so that you don’t cause injury to the nodes that are not attached to anything. You will need to do this frequently over the next year, or the plant may grow out of control.

You may also find that when pruning a large philodendron you will need to remove some of the lower leaves as well. Doing this will help keep the main trunk from becoming too upright. After you have finished pruning, you should be left with several new shoots that will grow quite well. These new shoots will provide lots of new leaf growth for your garden.

The key to learning how to prune a large philodendron is being patient and making sure that you don’t do any damage to the plant. Make sure that you don’t over-prune the plant either. This can be very difficult for a beginner to accomplish. Most people think that they know how to prune a large Philodendron tree, but they usually don’t. If they had good soil and learned how to care for the plant properly they would be able to do it right.

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