How to Kill Burdock – A Common Hurdock Weed

If you are planning on trying to grow a garden using natural methods, one of the most important aspects of the matter is learning how to kill burdock. Burdock is an excellent weed for gardens as it provides color, beauty and a strong aroma. In fact, it is so good for gardens that many people actually prefer to grow it over other types of weeds. However, it is also a tough weed to kill and in most cases, if you aren’t careful, you might end up killing the plant instead of the pest that destroyed it.

The question is how to kill burdock so that you can enjoy your crop in the first year, the second year and even the third year. Killing this weed is best done in the spring when the plant first emerges from the ground. This is also the time when its leaves begin to grow. Since the plant uses up most of its resources in growing and preparing itself for the coming winter, it won’t be able to use up the leaves that have already erupted from the soil surface.

The best approach in taking care of burdock weed in the first year is to make sure that the flower stems and leaves are cut off. It would be better if you could actually cut these plants at the stem level because if you go any higher, the plant might survive, but it would certainly die of lack of water. It is also a good idea to wait until the plant has bloomed for at least two feet before you cut off the topmost 2 feet of growth. This ensures that the plant won’t simply die of thirst when it is dried out due to lack of water.

When you want to know how to kill burdock in the first year, it is a good idea to apply the cream to the area where the plant grew. The best variety to use is one made from Castor oil, because this kind of cream is highly penetrating and kills the plant instantly. Apply this cream daily before going to bed or during cold days. If you can’t find this brand in stores, you can also substitute a small amount of jojoba oil for Castor oil. This is an essential oil that will help calm the nervous system of the plant as well as provide it with what it needs to survive.

The second step in taking care of the common burdock weed in the second year is to trim the topmost two feet of growth from the main stalk. You don’t have to cut the entire stem, but just trim off the topmost part. Since the plant relies on the light source in the evening, you don’t have to go out of your way to go into the garden every day to bring in the sun’s rays.

In the second year, you have to water the garden regularly, particularly if there is a big population of burdock weeds in it. Water the soil well and leave the fertilizer (either fertilizer with copper, sulfur or zinc) on the ground. The reason you want to do this is to supply the plant with what it needs in order to grow. If the soil becomes dry, the plant will not grow as well and the nitrogen level will decrease. This should be done in the spring, when the sunlight is at its peak.

When you buy the first year of growing season, you should keep a container of white vinegar and water inside the garden. The white vinegar you buy should have no smell and be room temperature. This will kill the first year of burdock weeds as well as prevent them from developing in the first year.

The last step in caring for your common burdock weed in the second year is to make sure you are familiar with the different varieties. Kill them before they flower in the spring. You should also be able to recognize them by the taste. The flavor varies, but most of them taste like a combination of kale and carrots. These are just a few tips, but if you really want to learn more regarding burdock weeds, you can visit a website that will offer you a full list of varieties.

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