How to Get Rid of Stinkweed

Stinkweed is a plant that grows in fields, meadows and along roadsides. It can be harmful if it gets into your home. You might notice that plants in the garden are not very healthy, maybe they are dying or have poor quality blooms. If you want to know how to get rid of stinkweed you will need to learn what it looks like inside your home and outside your home. Stinkweed is commonly found in the south west and Pacific northwest areas of the United States. It is a weed that can grow quickly and spreads fast, if left untreated it will take over your entire garden in just a few years.

There are two common ways to treat your garden if you want to know how to get rid of stinkweed. The first is to use chemicals to kill the weeds. The second is to use simple methods like cleaning off the soil around the plants, using mulch and raking the leaves of the plants.

When learning how to get rid of stinkweed you should make sure to remove all evidence of the weed. This means taking away dead leaves, flowers and even stalks. Stinkweed likes moisture so if you can prevent the soil from drying out between waterings then you will prevent the weed from growing. If you do not have any way to prevent drying out your soil it is advisable to water more often during the dry season.

Stinkweed likes woody materials so you should mow your garden at least once a week in the autumn. A high quality lawnmower will cut through the grass easily so this will deter them from growing. If you have a clover/copper fence you can pull these fences down in the fall to prevent stinkweed from growing. The other way to prevent the weed from growing is to mow the garden very low during the hotter parts of the year. Even setting the grass grower up on the lawn will discourage them.

You can also use herbicides to get rid of stinkweed. There are many commercial products available but they must be applied regularly or the weeds will simply regrow. Once the weeds have started growing again be sure to reapply the herbicide. Some herbicides have residual effects so it is important to follow the package directions carefully when choosing an herbicide to use on your garden.

It is important to remember that how to get rid of stinkweed is only part of the picture. Your garden must also be kept free of weeds in order for the plants to thrive. You can prevent the growth of weeds by keeping your garden free of debris such as fallen leaves and branches. You should also check frequently for any insects, birds or rodents that may be planning to enter into your garden in search of worms or grubs.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution then you might want to consider how to get rid of stinkweed using natural means. Some of these are as easy as applying a repellent to the outside of your home. Washing the outside of the house daily with a commercial repellent is one effective way of deterring the growth of weeds.

Another option that is worth considering is to dig up the plant and all of the surrounding soil around it. This should be left until the next day and repeated in some instances until the weeds are completely removed. This is not an easy process but if done right it can be quite successful. How to get rid of stinkweed can be challenging at times but when done correctly the results can be spectacular. Once weeds have been removed the resulting compost can be used to enhance the soil and keep future invasions of this noxious plant under control.

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