How To Get Rid Of Harlequin Bugs

It is important to get rid of Harlequin bugs as soon as possible because they are extremely difficult to get rid of even by professional exterminators. This is one of the most difficult bugs to get rid of in nature because they survive in the shade, dig and hunt on human or animal food. They thrive in areas with cool, shady areas and will often attack crops that are grown close to the land or trees. In order to fully exterminate these bugs, you must understand their life stages and how to exterminate them effectively.

Before getting down to the business of how to get rid of Harlequin bugs, it would be helpful to know what attracts them to your home. It is a fact that they love to feed on plants, particularly those that have latex in them, so keeping those plants away from your house is one effective way of killing them. In addition to this, they also like to eat dead animals and birds. In order to remove the dead animals, you can use an insecticidal soap on the leaves and petals of plants. Insecticidal soap is a safe and effective way to deal with these pesky insects.

As soon as you start finding Harlequin bugs feeding on plants in your home, get rid of them using an insecticidal soap as soon as possible. There are several ways to kill these bugs; one way is by using a bomb. However, this method should be used with extreme caution since they do tend to scatter quite a bit of chemical around. Therefore, it may not always work. There are safer alternatives to bomb them; you can try using soapy water.

To make sure that the bugs are completely dead, get rid of the dead and dying leaves as well as the petals of your plants. Then, you can wipe out the soil where the bugs have landed. Do this in all corners of your garden, including the crops you have planted. You may want to spray the soil too; however, there is no need to do this if you have a protective covering over your crops. Also, do not forget to spray the surrounding areas too.

After getting rid of the pests, you may still need to resort to insecticidal soap for some time. There are various sprays you can purchase, but it is always better to prepare the solution yourself. All you will need to prepare is a jar with soapy water. Once you have gotten rid of the pests, you can put the jar in the sun to dry, which could take about three days.

It is also possible to treat the insects with a liquid that contains hydroprene. This substance is a natural chemical that cannot harm living organisms. All you have to do is apply the solution to the affected areas on your crops. The Harlequin bugs will die after a couple of days after applying the treatment. However, the insects that live on the soil may be resistant to the insecticidal soap, especially when using a large-sized bottle of the product. In this case, you should continue to apply the solution until the soil is completely dry.

You should also keep an eye on the lifecycle of the plants you have planted. This will help you determine which stage of the bugs they are in. In order to get rid of the Harlequin bugs, you must kill them at their earlier life stages. Usually, the bugs that survive the first two life stages live in cool, moist places.

This is why it is best to search for the solution before they can completely infest your garden. In most cases, there are easy and natural ways to get rid of these pests. All you have to do is to implement them in your gardening. This is the best way to get rid of bugs that infest your plants.

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