How to Get Rid of Daylily Weeds

Common orange orchids (also called daylilies) – the most common garden flower – are notoriously difficult to grow and can take years of dedicated upkeep before they even bloom. They’re beautiful flowers that lend a welcome touch of color to virtually any garden setting, but if you want to know how to get rid of daylilies there are a few things you should know first. While a lot of people would love to snap up every one of those gorgeous orange orchids they’ll find it very difficult. They are indigenous to India and Pakistan and have a tendency to form all kinds of unsightly masses that will choke out your flowers and poison your soil.

You can, however, take advantage of the fact that daylily plants grow very slowly and spread out when they get to the size that you would want them to be in. Most of the time, you have the option of clipping them when they reach the size that you would like, and if you do that, be sure that you sterilize the clippers properly, either by boiling them in water or using sterile plastic bags. If you don’t want to be bothered with clipping them, you can buy orange daylily weed killer at most garden centers. This stuff works wonders on daylily weeds and can help keep them from forming in the future.

If you haven’t already, you should consider mulching your garden after every few years. There are several types of mulch available, and many are made with borax, which is an effective soil conditioner and helps prevent weed growth. The best mulches are organic and free of any chemicals, though some mulch manufacturers use chemicals to help make their mulch more weed resistant. However, the best mulches are made from organic materials, and are free of any chemicals.

How to get rid of daylily weeds is to attack them at the root. Since daylily plants are so close to the ground, it can be difficult for a weedkiller to penetrate and kill them. However, there are a few options available. First, you could try digging up all of the leaves and roots and spraying them with a weak herbicide. Be sure to wear a face mask and gloves for this procedure, and wear a long-sleeved shirt so that as much of the daylily scent as possible will be trapped in the spray.

Another option is to try a diluted solution of bleach and water, which should be applied to the soil around the plant. Be sure to wear gloves and old shirts because the solution can quickly turn into a stain if left on the plant for too long. This is one way of how to get rid of daylily weeds safely, but it has some drawbacks. Bleach is extremely toxic, especially when mixed with water. And the bleach can also turn some daylily plants yellow, which won’t look very appealing.

You can also try a bane solution, consisting of half vinegar and half water. Apply the bane solution to the weeds, cover, and let sit for several days. Be sure to check the soil every day during the first week, as new weeds will grow in the hot sun. After the second week, a new crop of daylily will likely start growing. If none appears after the third week, re-pot the area. However, remember that this method is only recommended for non-hybrid daylily plants, such as tulips.

Other than using chemical solutions, you may also want to try an organic method on how to get rid of daylily weeds. One very simple way is to spade the plants high. Spaded areas should be dug up, and then the soil patted dry. Then, fertilizer can be added, and the plant exposed to the sun once again.

But if chemical methods don’t appear to be working, or if your daylily bushes are really stubborn, you may want to consult a professional. If you’re not comfortable doing the job yourself, a reputable garden center can do it for you. Fortunately, most reputable garden centers have a number of options for how to get rid of daylily weeds. The professional can carefully remove the unwanted plants, and replace them with healthier plants, keeping the area healthy.

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