How to Choose the Best Gas Powered Pole Saw For Your Application

When it comes to the best gas powered pole saw, there are many factors to consider. Which saw is best for what kind of work? What features do you need to have? Which is the best value? Here are some tips to help you with choosing your next gas powered saw.

o Reach: The best gas powered pole saws can be very long, reaching up to ninety-nine feet. It’s important to make sure you’ll be able to reach trees and other obstacles you may encounter while working. Most are designed for easy one-hand operation and minimal back strain when cutting trees. This is good news if you want to clear a large area quickly and don’t mind being in control.

o Speed: Speed is a consideration for several reasons, but especially in the case of starting and trimming trees. The faster the saw goes, the less time it takes to start and operate. It will also cut more material in a shorter amount of time. Therefore, if you need to cut quickly to save time, the faster you get the engine running, the better!

o Proper Maintenance: A gas-powered saw can be very easy to misuse. As you use your saw, the motor is subject to oil leaks, piston issues, and many other common problems. To avoid such issues, it’s best to maintain your saw regularly with the proper maintenance procedures. Never run rough oil as this can damage your bearings and cause overheating and burn-out. If you must run rough oil, use the hot lube (as recommended by the manufacturer) and use a dipstick to ensure the proper level.

o Cordless: Although most gas poles saws are corded, some models are cordless. If you choose a cordless model, make sure you purchase a powerful, strong cordless battery. Most of them have a five-year or unlimited mile warranty. The best cordless batteries are made by AMSOIL, Sharpologist, and Sanyo, as they are very durable and have excellent performance. Also, be sure to get an optional fourteen-volt electric model for wherever you will be working as the batteries for these tools can be heavy.

o Chain saw: As with any chain saw, it is important to choose the correct chain saw length according to your needs. A long chain saw may not only cut further into the wood, but also make the job harder. A short chain saw cuts deeper and faster, but it can damage the wood as well.

o Trimmer: The trimmer is an extremely important feature when using any saw. The trimmer allows for a precise straight cut as it has a much longer distance than a straight cutters or a jig saw. A trimmer also has the advantage of allowing the user to make a back and forth motion, which allows for intricate shaping or mini work. A fourteen-inch fence is the ideal size for any trimmer, as it is the widest and deepest cut. When making a straight cut with a trimmer, it is important to keep in mind that a smaller trimmer is much easier to work with and usually cuts faster than a larger one.

o Bar size: The bar size is another important feature to consider. The larger the size, the more pounds can be lifted. Larger saws can lift more weight at once. In addition, the larger the size of the saw, the more distance can be covered per cycle. For example, a fourteen inch bar size can cover up to fifty-eight inches with a single cycle.

o Cycle capability: The cycle capability is determined by how far the motor can rotate in one cycle. The larger the motor, the higher the cycle capability. Typically, the larger the motor, the less energy is required to produce the same level of cutting. However, a large motor does not always translate into better performance. A large motor can be loud and a lot of energy is required to move the motor from one position to another. It may also take more time to generate enough power to move the saw from its start position to the end position.

As a rule, the best pole saw for home users are those that have relatively modest maximum cutting distances and cycle capabilities. Larger models are best used in professional applications and for very heavy duty work. They are ideal for cutting large beams and for trimming very tall and extremely wide branches. However, small portable models can be great for trimming small branches or for doing moderate to moderate shaping jobs in a smaller space. Regardless, of the application, portable pole saws can be used effectively.

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