How to Choose the Best Garden Hose Reel

When you’re ready to go to the garden, your garden hose is going to be one of the necessities that you have to carry. You’ll need to find the best garden hose reel to make sure that you don’t waste your time carrying an uncomfortable hose around all day. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best hose reel for your needs:

Pick the Best Garden Hose Reel By Style: The main consideration when you’re looking at the different models that are available is by the style. Decide whether you want to match the hose to your patio furniture or if you want to stand out from the crowd with a completely unique model that’s not available anywhere else. The best garden hose reel should match your home. If you’re just after a good water hose, pick the Liberty Garden Hose Reel.

Look at Brand Name: When you’re shopping for your garden hose reels, it’s important to pay close attention to brand names because you want to buy hose reels that work well and last. The best garden hose reel is a piece of equipment that you will enjoy using and that will last for years. You may also want to choose name brands that have a long warranty. This will give you peace of mind if something ever happens to your reel.

How Hard is Mounting Hardware To Use? Some people prefer a hard mounting system because they are used to the weight and the fact that it doesn’t bend. Other people feel more comfortable with softer mounting hardware because it is more flexible. You should take a look at the mounting hardware that comes with the hose reel to determine how hard it will be to install the hose. There are usually pros and cons to each type of mounting hardware so consider this before you choose.

Spring Mechanism: One of the main considerations to make when choosing a reel is whether or not you prefer a spring or a cable-driven system. Most of theses systems are powered by one of three different types of spring mechanism: chain drive, screw drive, and ball and socket system. Spring mechanism tends to be the easiest system to install. It is also very forgiving when it comes to installing it on a flat or sloping surface. The spring mechanism has more weight than the other types so it will be expensive as well.

Powder Coating: Some homeowners prefer powder coat finishes for their hose reels because it gives a matte finish and can be finished in different colors. Powder coating is great if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on caring for your reel or if you don’t have a design that suits your taste. The powder coating is also very rust resistant. However, this powder coating can also be hazardous if it comes in contact with metal. If this happens the powder coating can scratch and even etch the metal.

Three-quarter Inch Hose Reels: The three-quarters system is very popular due to its ease of installation and its ability to handle large diameter hoses. These reels are powered by a one-half horsepower motor that can handle up to four-inch hoses. The reel has an adjustable compression system that allows you to adjust the pressure at which you want your reel to operate. You can get a three-quarter inch hose through a five-eighths horsepower reel. Although this system has fewer accessories and parts, it still outperforms the spring mechanism in most regards.

Spool Finder Reels: These are made to fit very small spools and are extremely easy to install. They can also be installed by hand with a screw driver. The reels usually come with matching nozzles, so you don’t have to replace them when you change the spool size. This system usually only has one brake cable, but it is small enough that you won’t have any problems stopping it. It doesn’t look good when your hose gets stuck, so make sure that it does not have any breaks in the mounting system.

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