How to Choose the Best Electric Trimmer

Buying the best electric trimmer can be confusing because there are so many models to choose from. There are those made by cordless companies like Panasonic, Braun and the Hitachi trimmer series. And then there are trimmers that come from power tools from manufacturers such as Craftsman, Bosch and Sawsaver. The question is: what makes the best electric trimmer?

First of all, the design of the trimmer has to do with the battery capacity of the model. The best trimmers are corded so you have the freedom to move around while trimming. For this reason, the Reel Tree Cell Trimmer by Braun is more suitable for trimming gardens and smaller lawns because of its lightweight construction. On the other hand, the Hitachi trimmer series is made of an alloy steel frame so it weighs much less than its metal sister. This is why it is more appropriate for trimming larger lawns and gardens.

Another factor in choosing a trimmer is the size. The Reel Tree Trimmer by Braun and the Hitachi trimmer series weighs about 1.6 lbs., which is just a bit more than the average electric lawnmower. The reason why this is important is because trimmers are used to trim around fences and around bushes and trees. When the cutting process is complete, it is important to make sure that the battery of the trimmer is fully discharged and the chain of the power cord should be completely free of any tangles. Otherwise, the grass clippings and other debris will attach themselves to the chains and this will prevent the cord from conducting effectively and cause damage to the lawn.

Before buying any trimmer, one should ensure that it has a special feature that will help it cut through tough grass. The first important point is that the cutting blade of the trimmer should be able to cut through various thicknesses of grass. A good tip is to buy a trimmer with a serrated blade for tougher grass. A second important point is the cord length of the trimmer. Any cordless trimmer should have a long enough cord to reach every square inch of grass in a large garden or lawn.

One more important consideration is the battery power of the trimmer. Almost all cordless electric string trimmers come with a six-foot cord, but the best models may have as many as nine-foot cords. The size and weight of the cutting motor also have an impact on cutting depth. It is better to choose a trimmer with a cutting motor that is powered by one or two C batteries. The size of the cutting motor will depend on the size of the grass field to be treated. The more square footage of grass to be cut, the larger the cutting motor will need to be.

The third thing to consider is whether to buy a cordless electric string trimmer or a corded brushless string trimmer. Both types of trimmers are similar in that they use a small brushless motor to trim around bushes and shrubs. However, a cordless trimmer will generally have a shorter cord, and a brushless motor will be much easier to start and shut down.

The fourth consideration is whether to get a gas-powered or electric trimming unit. Gas-powered string trimmers are usually used for larger jobs, such as yard edging. Gas-powered models will have a longer duration of operation and may also have a trimmer engine with variable speed control. An electric model will generally have a shorter duration and may only have a speed control. However, an electric model will be less likely to become overheated, which is common with some gas models.

Another option available is the trimmer with a variable speed engine. A variable speed trimmer will allow you to manually trim grass or weeds by adjusting its speed. This can make it useful for smaller lawn edging jobs, but many people choose this option when they want to trim large areas of grass or for landscaping edging. Variable speed models can also be more expensive than traditional models, but many people find that they are comfortable with the trimmer’s variable speed feature and the fact that it does not require a cord. Consider the cost of the cord versus the value you get for your money when choosing between an electric and gas-powered edger.

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