How to Choose the Best Commercial String Trimmer

There are many brands of the best commercial string trimmer available today. The question is how do you choose the best one for your needs? There are three categories of commercial string trimmers available. Each category of commercial string trimmer has it’s pros and cons and are most appropriate for different circumstances.

Gasoline powered commercial string trimmers use a combination of oil and gas and are best suited to larger jobs. These trimmers also have an internal air filter that must be replaced, this may be a minor inconvenience. A gasoline trimmer also has the advantage of being able to reach higher and harder branches without cutting off the tree but it does require more maintenance to keep the motor running in top shape. Gasoline engines are also more likely to develop problems such as leaks and carburetor problems.

The next choice in the trimming trimmer market is the lightweight electric model. These trimmers are very good for trimming around fences or smaller shrubs. They have a light weight and easy to operate and come with a seven-year consumer warranty. The best models will include a carrying case and a brush assembly.

The next choice in the trimming machine is a gas/LP, or two-cycle engine. A gas trimmer usually runs on acetone and propane and is used more for large areas. These trimmers have an internal air filter so you will need to replace the filter from time to time. Although these models have a two-cycle engine they run extremely fast and can cut through tree limbs in a matter of seconds. They do, however, require maintenance and a tune-up from time to time.

The gas/LP model is another good choice for the trimmer without getting tired. Although it has an internal filter they work just as well without it. The gas/LP models also feature a blade that locks into place with a key. These models tend to get caught up in larger branches or trees much easier than the other models do. The keyless entry also makes them easier to use.

The next choice is the cordless, commercial string trimmer. Cordless trimmers tend to be a bit cheaper than the gas/LP models, although they do not provide the cutting power of the gas models. The main advantage to the cordless trimmer is that they do not need a plug. Cordless razors can also be used on decks without power tools.

Some of the best commercial string trimmer models come with some form of warranty. Most offer a one year warranty on the motor, the blades, and the cutting heads. The longer the warranty the better because these machines are quite expensive to replace. Along with the warranty you should find out about a service contract. Most trimmers will come with some type of warranty. But knowing what the warranty entails is important because it can be difficult if there are problems involved after the warranty has expired.

One more thing that you need to know is the difference between a gas string trimmer and an electric one. Gas trimmers have a shaft that goes all the way through the middle of the machine. Electric ones do not. So an electric one can be used for cutting overgrown grass and weeds, but it cannot trim bushes or lily pads. When it comes to the proper use of the trimmer the gas will always win out in the end.

You’ll find that the commercial string trimmers on the market come in many different sizes, shapes, styles, and brands. Knowing which one works best for you will come down to personal preference and what you’re looking to accomplish. Here are some tips to help you choose the best trimmer for your purposes:

Trimmers can be divided into two basic categories. There are those that have a short shaft and a long shaft. Those that have a long shaft tend to get shorter as you get closer to the ground. You want to be cutting hair close to the ground when using a long cutting head. This helps keep you from having to pull the string too far back to cut some of the taller grass and weeds.

In addition to the type of cutting head and shaft, there is also the style of the trimmer. Most gas-powered string trimmers are either straight shafts or curved shafts. The straight shaft ones are typically easier to maintain, and they do tend to last longer than the curved shaft models. When choosing a gas-powered trimmer, it’s a good idea to look at reviews online to learn more about them before making the purchase.

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