How To Choose Between An Artificial Lawn And The Real Thing

Artificial grass undeservedly gets a bit of a bad rap, but its role in helping homeowners and businesses create low maintenance, value for money, attractive outside spaces cannot be overlooked.

If you’re looking at your garden and wanting to give it an overhaul, but are worried about maintenance, then we’ve set out a checklist below for your consideration.

Each area clarifies the issues that are often misunderstood when it comes to artificial grass, giving you a much clearer understanding of what it does, how it looks, and the different circumstances in which it can be used.

This is not an either-or debate. A beautiful lawn is the crowning foundation of any garden, but you may be at a stage in your life when you can no longer cope with caring for it. Knowing what the alternatives are, and having a better understanding of the benefits, you can make a more informed choice for yourself.

OR kids play area. Bit like not buying expensive furniture until later when they’ve left home

It looks fake – there’s nothing like the real thing

Artificial lawns like this come in a wide range of different quality products which can be applied to a range of different situations. For example, a grass laid in a school or nursery will have a different requirement in terms of durability and aesthetics than a lawn selected to enhance a city home courtyard garden.

As a school you would be looking at robustness and resilience, considering that over the years there will be hundreds of kids enjoying their playtimes on it.

For your own outside space you would probably be more inclined to invest in something a bit more luxurious that is supreme in terms of quality and comfort. You would then opt for a premium product that is soft underfoot, has a 4-tone colour mix, and is aesthetically equivalent to a real lawn. The only difference is that it won’t need cutting every week.

Doesn’t the plastic melt in the heat?

Artificial lawn technology has advanced considerably over the years. The brand worth investing in have been manufactured using subsurface cooling systems to reduce the transfer of heat. Like normal grass, on a hot day the artificial grass will feel warm to the touch, but it will not affect the integrity of the product in any way.

One word of caution though, it is advised not to cook on a barbecue or use a firepit that sits on artificial grass. Keep these on hard standing.

The biggest myth – that fake grass is really not dog friendly

Just ask Crufts if they believe that artificial lawns are not dog friendly. The Kennel Club proactively lays artificial grass throughout its show halls at its annual dog show. The reason? It is comfortable and safe on the dogs’ paws, easy to clean, hygienic, and incorporates effective drainage.

Environmental concerns

Contrary to popular opinion, fake grass does not harm the environment. In fact, in many ways it is better than grass. Many artificial grass products are manufactured using materials that have been recycled. Neither do you need to use pesticides or herbicides to, making it a much more eco friendly approach to creating attractive outside spaces.

Low maintenance

No watering. No cutting. No raking. Just hose down occasionally and you’re good to go. Relax, enjoy the creative side of your garden knowing that the hard work is taken care of.

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