Choosing the Best Hand Held Lawn Edger

Whether you are looking for a portable, battery operated lawn edger or a manually operated one, it is vital to your success that you learn how to choose the best hand held lawn edger for your needs. With the many models and types available, choosing the best one can seem overwhelming. However, this article will help you learn how to choose the best hand held lawn edger for your needs. The first thing you should consider when shopping for a handheld edger is what type of terrain you plan to use it on. If you intend to use it on smooth pavement, concrete, pavers, or a dirt road, it is important to choose a model that comes with an attachment that allows you to tighten the belt to ensure your edger is as sharp as possible.

For an outdoor landscape application, a battery-powered, mower riding edger is best suited for a multitude of jobs including edging time, mulching, trimming grass, and general yard maintenance. The best hand held lawn edger for this application has two cutting wheels, allowing you more control over the distance you need to cut, while still having plenty of mobility. If you have a large garden and are looking to cut your garden as you go, a mower that comes with a cutting tail will allow you to mow further back without stopping, which is ideal for gardens with many curves and turns. These mowers also allow you to stop in between the lawn cutting, allowing you to give your garden a much needed rest from the constant motion of the mower.

For heavier jobs like raking and trimming grass on a thick layer of snow, a handheld lawn edger with a steel blade is best suited to the job. A durable steel blade will provide an effective edge against thin and skinny branches and is able to cut through tough branches and tough snow. Most of these blades are permanently hardened, which is another advantage they have over the previous models. This type of blade will also require a high quality cutting wheel capable of spinning at least 300 rpm, to ensure your cuts are deep and effective.

If you’re looking for a more compact mower that can perform a wide variety of tasks, the smaller electric edger is the perfect tool. With a maximum operating length of just 48 inches, most models will not exceed a hundred pounds, making them easier to carry around and easier to get in and out of your vehicle. However, this is not the same with their attachments. With a choice of blades and attachments, many of the larger models can weigh upwards of a ton! Fortunately, most brands are made to be incredibly versatile and are capable of fitting most trimmers and edgers. Some brands even have cutting bags that are perfect for moving the edger from location to location, saving you time and energy.

Even if you have a larger lawn to mow, it is still important to invest in the best edger on the market. The majority of these devices use either steel blades or plastic composite handles. While both of these materials are incredibly comfortable to hold, there is one distinct difference: steel blade handles tend to be significantly heavier than plastic handles. Fortunately, most manufacturers have made modifications to make both materials extremely comfortable, making it easier to perform even the most demanding mowing jobs.

If you often move from one location to another, you should consider purchasing an edger that comes with a shovel attachment. With this type of accessory, you can easily turn your lawnmower into a mini shovel that can be used for both digging and general yard work. Although not particularly powerful in comparison to the other options on the market, the attachment makes the job of shoveling very convenient.

Last, but certainly not least, you should make sure your edging tool can handle heavy duty operation. There are numerous options available on the market, from circular and square shapes to long and narrow channels. In order to maximize its performance, it’s crucial that your edging tool be able to handle the types of soil and grass that will be placed on your lawn or garden bed. It’s important to research the capabilities of each model that you consider, as well as consulting with other experts in your particular niche.

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