Choosing the Best Commercial Patio Heaters

A great way for any business to benefit from an outdoor space is with commercial patio heaters, particularly large, commercial-style heaters. Patio heaters provide both heat and comfort, and the warmer your customers are when they arrive at your restaurant or other business location, the more likely they will be to spend money there. Patio heaters also offer a cozy ambience for those who stop by on their lunch break and will often return again on weekends. Finally, patio heaters provide an excellent safety feature for any business owner who offers outdoor seating and dining areas.

When choosing the best commercial patio heaters for your outdoor space, you should first consider the type of climate in your outdoor space tends to enjoy. This will help you determine the size of the heater you need, as well as whether or not it would be suitable for your outdoor space. Is your outdoor area located in a temperate region where the temperature stays well below the freezing level on a daily basis? If so, you might want to consider small, portable propane patio heaters. These often come in sizes that range from one to three cans, and cost between twenty and fifty dollars per can. They are perfect for most climates, because they don’t use much electricity and tend to run only when it is extremely warm outside.

Those who are looking for the best commercial patio heaters for extremely hot climates, or places where there tends to be little or no cold air, will be better served by larger, electric-powered heaters. These heaters typically use a three-step process to ensure that the fuel source is clean, and that the actual fuel burn is hot, resulting in clean fuel and fewer emissions. The best commercial heaters for extremely hot conditions are often able to run continuously for up to eighteen hours on a single charge. This gives them an advantage over small, portable propane heaters that run only at certain times of the day, and are often found in basements.

In areas that experience particularly harsh winters, commercial heaters provide an excellent option for protecting those using the outdoor seating area. As well as being able to provide much more room than smaller units, commercial heaters provide excellent safety features. Many feature automatic temperature control, which allows the heater to stay on at all times, even when it isn’t nearly enough warmth to keep people comfortable. In this situation, the best commercial patio heaters allow people to comfortably sit and enjoy the weather without having to worry about ice forming on the chairs.

For those that may not want to entertain guests while using their outdoor area, or who may want some added security, electric wall-mounted heaters are the best commercial patio heaters available. These units usually come with a built-in thermostat and are equipped with a remote control. A remote control is a great feature for anyone who may want to entertain in their backyard without having to worry about starting and stopping the electric heater. These outdoor heaters are most commonly found in decks, patios, and poolside areas. However, they are also quite popular in businesses, schools, and public outdoor seating areas.

If someone wants the convenience of propane, but doesn’t want to use gasoline, a natural gas heater is the best commercial patio heaters available. There are numerous different types of heaters that can be plugged into a natural gas line, including propane, butane, LPG, and other gases that are combusted with flames. The most common types of fuels burned in these units are gasoline and cigarette lighter fuel. However, some newer models have been designed to burn liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as well.

If one is looking for patio heat that has the ability to provide warmth for multiple individuals, one would do well to select a radiant heater. These radiant heaters utilize a sealed glass shell to heat and radiate air. They use a complex heating technology that includes ceramic plates and a system of convection and conduction. The heating power of a radiant heater is determined by the size of the square feet it has been designed to heat. Typically, larger units will generate more heat than smaller ones, and the bigger the unit, the more heating power it can provide.

Finally, if one is looking for patio heat that can be installed easily and quickly, a gas-powered heater may be the best choice. Gas patio heaters are typically the most convenient type of heater to use as they can be installed right over the outdoor seating area. One will need to install an outdoor gas line in order to operate this type of heater. The flame of this type of heater can vary and may not always be steady. If one has a gas heater with an adjustable flame, this option can be highly desirable.

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