Choosing The Best Commercial Landscape Fabric For Your Climate

Choosing the best commercial landscape fabric for your job is not an easy task. Landscape fabrics come in all shapes and sizes, which make it difficult to simply choose one because you are more comfortable with a certain type. In this article, I will share what I consider to be the best commercial landscape fabric on the market today. Commercial landscape fabric is primarily utilized by landscapers, farmers, or gardeners to prevent unwanted weeds from growing in their gardens, but many other common applications include placement underneath the gravel to protect the soil, as well as edging around flower beds. Whether you are a landscaper looking for a high quality backdrop for your flower garden or an edger trying to line a newlywed couple’s backyard, here are the different types of commercial landscape fabric to consider:

If you are a landscaper or landscape architect looking to cover flower beds or entire flower gardens, a high quality, durable fabric that protects against weeds is highly recommended. The best commercial landscape fabric that can be used for this purpose is referred to as weed barrier fabric. This fabric contains specially formulated resins that repel weeds without restricting the plants’ growth. The result is a lush, beautiful garden that is free of unsightly weeds and unattractive, unhealthy plantings.

The best commercial landscape fabric for vegetable gardens is made with heavy-duty polyethylene, which is known for its durability and stain resistance. The heavy-duty fabric is also designed to meet the requirements of both the sun and wind; therefore, it is available in a variety of different colors, patterns, and textures. In addition to being resistant to adverse conditions, the fabric also possesses exceptional water and air permeability properties, which ensure that excess water and oxygen are removed from the garden no matter where they are located. Heavy-duty vegetable garden fabric is also available in a wide variety of thicknesses to best suit the various growing needs of different gardeners. Some heavy-duty garden fabrics range in thickness from six to twelve inches, while others are available in polyethylene only, making it possible to reduce weed growth and protect new plantings from the effects of the elements.

Another highly recommended commercial landscape fabric for flower beds is composed of expanded polystyrene foam. This product is available in a variety of forms, including expanded polystyrene pellets, expanded polystyrene sheets, and acrylics. The gel coat provides excellent insulation properties, which protect flower beds against early morning heat and excessive temperatures. Flower bed insulation is important because heat tends to shorten the lifespan of plants. The thickness of the foam can be adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of flower bed applications.

For those who are looking to beautify and improve outdoor living spaces, the best commercial landscape fabric for landscaping is composed of heavy-duty polyethylene. This material is the most common landscaping material and is also the strongest when it comes to snow and ice prevention. Even when temperatures climb into the 30s, the surface of a polyethylene sheet does not melt into the cold. The exterior of the material stays cool throughout the day, keeping sidewalks and driveways safe for drivers and patrons. This feature is especially important during the winter season when heat threatens to damage expensive landscaping items.

Vegetable gardens also benefit from the use of the best commercial polypropylene landscape fabric. Because these gardens have a higher need for water, extra care is taken when choosing the fabric. The same material is used in the construction of pool liners, drain covers, and pool fence liners. When combined with high-density foam and weather-resistant clasps, the woven fabric is able to protect vegetable gardens from early morning frosts, sudden rain, and even heavy snow.

If you have heavy-duty landscaping equipment on site, the best commercial landscape fabric to choose is heavy-duty gravel fabric. Because heavy-duty gravel is so resilient, this material can handle even the harshest conditions on the job site. Whether working in hot, dry climates or cold, snow-free climates, heavy-duty gravel is able to withstand heat, snow, and rain. The fabric is so durable that even when washed in a washing machine, it will not lose its strength or shape.

Flower beds are another garden item that benefit from the fabric. Most flower gardens begin in the soil and develop their roots into the soil. To ensure that your flower beds will not lose their shape or color due to environmental factors, choose the best commercial landscape fabric for your climate. Colorful, bright colors and long-lasting fabrics make people and verdant flower beds easy to maintain. Hoople can be used in place of planting beds in areas where soil drainage is an issue or to cover exposed roots during cold seasons.

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